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PRESS ACCESSORIES & PARTS (Also See Coil Handling Equipment Section)

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Auto Press Feed Line: 60" x .250", complete Spec Sheet rfq
Cauffiel Corporation, Toledo, OH 419-843-7262 (Fax 419-843-7229) Ralph Becker
Bolster plate cushion holes, 96" x 60" x 6" Camera rfq
HCI Machines, Venetia, PA 724-942-3382 (Fax 724-942-5194) Terry Blackman
Bolster Plate: 30" x 60" x 5-5/4", T-slotted & drilled for cushion pins, #13209J (132081321012883131141279512463) rfq
Timco Inc, Columbia, TN 931-381-1900 (Fax 931-381-5151) Kris Irvin
Bolster Plates: 200"x 100" to 60"x 48",sev'l.avail,  Show Video of Item rfq
Affordable Machinery, Grand Rapids, MI 616-200-4308 (Fax 269-623-5076) David Dimond
Clutch Brake Units: Assorted Air Clutch Brake Units, New and used rfq
Winfield Machine Repair, Roseville, MI 586-771-0010 (Fax 586-771-2946) Dave Winfield
Clutch/Brake, Honeywell Wintriss, WPS 9620921, Cam outputs, resolver & display (2) rfq
Liberty Machinery Co, Lincolnshire, IL 847-276-2761 (Fax 847-276-2762) Peter Sonneborn
Gear Tools For Kick Presses rfq
Victory Machinery Exchange, Lake Forest, IL 847-918-9797 (Fax 847-918-9733) Bob or Neal
Pass Thru Lubricator: 12", Rust Inhibitor Applicator, Stainless Steel rfq
D & D Industries Inc, Monclova, OH 419-866-6894 (Fax 419-866-6801) Dave Zerbey
Press Feeder: Cooper Weymouth #RF1812-LH, 18"press feeder, pinch rolls, 12"str., .090", #12564 Camera Spec Sheet rfq
Raco Industrial Corp, Des Plaines, IL 847-298-8600 (Fax 847-635-8976) Jack Boecher
Set of 4 press vibrations pads, 18"diameter,3"tall,6"between bolts,great condition Camera rfq
HCI Machines, Venetia, PA 724-942-3382 (Fax 724-942-5194) Terry Blackman
Sine Plate, base 8'x 55-1/2"x 4-3/4", tilting platen 90-3/4"x 52"x 6-3/4", #7428 Camera Spec Sheet rfq
Vander Ziel Machinery Sales, Alto, MI 616-868-1111 (Fax 616-868-1115) Steve Vander Ziel

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