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BRAKES, PRESS, CNC (Also See Brakes, Press, Conventional)

90 Ton, Strippit / LVD #PPEB90BH10, 10' OA, Cadman 8-Axis, 12" screen, 25 HP, '00, #13355

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General Specifications

Tons: 90.0
Manufacturer: Strippit
Model: PPEB90BH10
Overall: 10.0'
Stock #: 13355
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Dealer Information
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Detailed Product Description

90 Ton x 10′ Strippit LVD, PPEB 90BH10, 2000, 8-Axis, Lower Die Holder
New 2000


Cadman 8-Axis CNC Controls With 2D Programming & Windows 95 Interface
12″ Screen Size
5-Axis Backgage
Hydraulic Clamping/Unclamping
V-Axis For Crowning With Clamping
Y1, Y2 Axis For Ram Up and Down
Lower Die Holder
Remote Stand
Flush Floor Mounted


Capacity 90 Tons
Overall Length 120″
Distance Between Housings 102″
Maximum Distance Bed/Ram With T-Slots Table 14.9″
Max. Stroke 7.8″
Depth of Gap 15.9″
Specifications of Ram (Y1 / Y2 Axes)      
Approach 307 IPM
Press 36 IPM
Return 326 IPM
Specifications of 5-Axis Backgauge (X, R, Z1, Z2, X)      
X-Axis – Front To Back Positioning of The Back Gauge       
Positioning Speed       708 IPM
Programmable Range      40″
Type of Back Gauge      Duo
Stroke      24″
R-Axis – Vertical Positioning Of The Back Gauge      
Stroke      6″
Z1 / Z2 – Independent L-R Positioning Of Both Fingers      
Positioning Speed 945 IPM
Minimum Distance Between Fingers 3.15″
X-Prime Axis – Independent F-B Positioning of Gauge Finger       
Programmable Range Relative To Other Finger ± 4″
Motor Capacity      25 HP
Electrics 3/60/AC
Approx. Dimensions 139″ x 106″ x 113″H
Approx. Weight      22,500 Lbs