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BORING MILLS, VERTICAL, Includes VTLs (Also See CNC Machinery & Equipment)

46" Bullard #DYNATROL, 2' Ex hi-column, 64" UR, TH, RH, SH, 4-Jaw, grinding spindle on ram, '75

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General Specifications

Table Dia.: 46.0"
Manufacturer: Bullard
Stock #: 9990
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Dealer Information
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O'Connell Machinery Co
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Buffalo, NY 14207-3009

Contact: W. O'Connell
Tel: 716-877-3666
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Detailed Product Description

      STOCK 9990


Serial No. 32949                   New 1975
Capacity:      Swing With Side Head Above Table            49"
Swing With Side Head Below Table            58"
Height Under Cross Rail                   64"
Height Under Turret Face                  74-3/8"
Vertical Travel of Turret Head            26"
Horizontal Travel of Turret Head            34-1/4"
Turret Head Toolpost Holes                  2-3/4"
Turret Head Swivel Either Side of Center      30 Deg
Vertical Travel Of Side Head                  62-3/4"
Horizontal Travel of Side Head            23-3/4"
Ram Cross Section                        9"
Toolpost Hole in Ram                        3-3/8"
Vertical Travel of Ram Head                  42"
Horizontal Travel of Ram Head            30-1/4"
Ram Head Swivel Either Side of Center      30 Deg

Speeds:      (20)                        8.5 - 313
Feeds:      Infinitely variable .001" - .250"/rev

Manual Indexing Five Sided Turret Head
Combinations:       Manual Indexing Four Sided Side Head
Left Hand Ram Head with Built-in 5 HP Setco Grinding Spindle

Machine      Automatic Lubrication
Features:        Compact Unified Remote Control Pendant for all
Machine Functions
Variable Rapid Traverse to Max of 9 Ft Per Minute

Hardened and Ground Ways on Cross Rail, Turret, Ram Slide & Swivel
Setco 5 HP Grinding Spindle - Integral to Ram Head
TDA (Threading, Drum Scoring & Angular Turning Attach. on TH & RH
Hardened Steel Cross Rail Plates
      (3) Pistol Grip Pendant Controls       46" 4 Jaw Chuck
50 HP Main Motor                  5 HP Rail Elevation

Approx      Height With Rail Up, Pendant Up, Ram Up      228"
Dimensions:      Width                        145"
Front to Back                        125"

Approx Weight:                         48,000 Lbs