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BES Controls Ltd. roll form line, #11485

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Bes Controls
Stock #: 11485
Price: $95,000.00

Dealer Information
Vander Ziel Machinery Sales logo
Vander Ziel Machinery Sales
6325 Alden Nash
Alto, MI 49302

Contact: Steve Vander Ziel
Tel: 616-868-1111
Fax: 616-868-1115
Gold Level Dealer Since 2006

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Detailed Product Description

Technical Specifications
No. of Workstations: 24 Stations
Max. Width of Coil: 29.53”
Min. Width of Coil: 9.84”
Max. Thickness of Coil: .047”
Min. Thickness of Coil: .016”
Center Distance of Lower Shaft to Base Plate: 5”
Horizontal Distance Between Two Stations: 12.8”
Max. Vertical Center Distance Between Lower & Upper Shaft: 5.12”
Min. Vertical Center Distance Between Lower & Upper Shaft: 7.48”
Max. Roll Shafts Diameter: 2.36”
Max. Height of Profile: 1.97”
Max. Line Speed: .097” - .984”
Overall Dimensions: 498” x 53” x 59”

• Pillar Type Work Station Option
• All Roll Shafts Mounted on Topper Roller Bearings / Self Aligning Bearing
• Roller Shaft Material EN-9 Harden & Ground
• Profile Straighter Turks Head Type of 5 Roll Type Depending on Profile Shape
• Entry Guide with Vertical Guide Rolls & All Lateral Movement Manual Screw Type
• Intermediate Side Guide Rolls Provided Where Required
• Roll Tooling are Made of EN31 Steel Harden & Ground to Close Tolerance
• For Sensitive Surface Material like Pre-Painted Coil, Aluminum, Stainless Steel Brass, etc. Roll are Chrome Plated as option
• Roll Tooling Manufactured on CNC Machines
• Aligning Spacers & Profile Straightener Rolls or Turk's Head Rolls Included in Toll Tooling Set
• All the Work Station are Mounted or CKD Bed (Blank)
• One Bed (Bank) Consists 4 Work Stations Pre-Loaded with Appropriate Tooling
• System Allows Accurate & Quickest Tool Change Over
• Each Bank having Eye Bolt to Lift by EOT Crane
• Location Guide at Bottom to Align on Base Structure

Coil Car
Max. Width of Coil: 29.53”
Min. Width of Coil: 9.84”
Jack Up & Down Movement: 25.59”
To and From Movement (For one Coil): 78.74”
Max. Weight of the Coil can be Loaded: 33,070 lbs.
MS Fabrication Body
To and Fro Movement on Four Wheels & Rail Track
Pillar Type Construction for Up Down Movement
Bot Up Down and To and From Movement Through Hydraulic
For Narrow Width Coils Side Guidance Available as Option
Standard Coil Saddle up to one Coil Available

Three Sets of Tooling Rafts for Different Parts:
Set #1 - 27 Stands Total, 7 Rafts Total
• 6 Rafts with 4 Stands per Raft
• 1 Raft with 3 Stands
Set #2 - 27 Stands Total, 7 Rafts Total
• 6 Rafts with 4 Stands per Raft
• 1 Raft with 3 Stands
Set # 3 - 26 Stands Total, 7 Rafts Total
• 6 Rafts with 4 Stands per Raft
• 1 Raft with 2 Stands

Cut-Off Press:
Working Capacity: 75 Ton
Overall Dimensions: 61” x 40” x 110.24”
Gross Weight: 9920 lbs.
Fabricated Heavy Duty Base Frame
High Speed Operation
Press is Adjustable in 2 Axis Horizontal & Vertical Common Line to Aligh with Profile Output
Cutting Head is Inclinable as Option to set Specific Cutting Approach Angle
Cutting Action through Eccentric Shaft & Gear Hand
Stationary Press, (Profile will Stop for Cutting Start/Stop Cycles)

Max. Width of Coil Can be Loaded: 29.53”
Min. Width: 9.84”
Drum Face Length: 30.51”
Drum Normal Diameter: 20.08”
Drum Expansion Range: 16.73” - 20.67”
Max. Weight of Coil can be Loaded: 33,070 lbs.
Drive HP: 10 HP
All Steel Body Construction
Drum Rotation on Spherical Roller Bearings
Drum Expansion By: Hydraulic
Web Alignment: Hydraulic
Breaking: Drag Brake
Drive Type: AC Driven

Preliminary Specifications - Subject to Verification