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Litton #NCT4707, unscrambler, 60" W x 72" L accumulation table with interlocking plastic chain

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Litton
Model: NCT4707
Description: unscrambler
Stock #: 5D0052
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Dealer Information
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Frain Industries
245 E North Ave
Carol Stream, IL 60188-2021
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Contact: Katie Frain
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Detailed Product Description

Litton NCT 4707, 60"w x 72"l accumulation table with interlocking plastic chain. Product flow freely on main conveyor while table is stationary. Stabilizer bar acts as part of conveyor guide rail. Under normal operation, limit switches1 and 2 are uncovered. As product begins to accumulate on main conveyor, stabilizer bar moves backward, allowing containers to fill across table width. When products cover both limit switches1 and 2, stabilizer bar and operate in the fill direction accumulating containers evenly across table width at approximately line speed. If either switch1 or 2 becomes uncovered , table stops until products back up again to assure full table loading. When table is full, stabilizer bar trips limit switch 3 to stop the moving table belting. Switch 3 can also signal upstream equipment that a full, stopped line exists. When main conveyor flow resumes and limit switch 2 is uncovered, accumulation table stops. When both limit switches 1 and 2 are uncovered, table reverses itself, supplementing the main flow o containers n the conveyor at approximately one half line speed. Equipped with Allen Bradley SLC 500 controller. OAD7 x 9 x 6’H