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18" x 90" Cincinnati #DH, Fanuc, 15 HP, #5 Morse tpr, whlhd.infd, 1965, remanuf, #3902

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18" x 90" Cincinnati #DH, Fanuc, 15 HP, #5 Morse tpr, whlhd.infd, 1965, remanuf, #3902
Model - DH Serial 852-75

Swing over Bed      19”
Max. Roll Length      90”

Workhead Type      Dead
Workhead Speed, Programmable      0-300 rpm
Workhead Horsepower      3
Workhead Motor and Drive      Fanuc Asynchronous
Workhead Taper      #5 Morse Taper

Maximum Grinding Wheel Size      30” X 3 X 12
Belt Size             2 ¾” X 160”
Wheel Speeds, programmable      0-1500 rpm
Wheelhead Horsepower      15
Wheelhead Motor and Drive      Fanuc Asynchronous
Spindle Bearing      Hydro Dynamic

Wheelhead Infeed      AC Digital Servo
Infeed increments, programmable      .0000 10” - .004”
Feedback      Heidenhain Scale
Infeed Ballscrew Precision Ground Double Nut

Type 2 piece with taper axis
Table Traverse Speed, Variable      0-240 imp
Traverse Axis Motor      Fanuc
Traverse Feedback      Encoder Scale
Traverse Motor      Fanuc AC digital servo

Footstock Type      Hand Wheel
Footstock Center      #5 Morse Taper

Wight & Dimensions:
Machine Weight      18,000 lbs

Control Specifications; Fanuc Series 0i-D equipped as below:

Computer Express Industrial PC Front End, Windows XP O/S, 2.8 Ghz Pentium 4, 15.1” Resistive touch Active Matrix Screen, 512Mb Ram, 40 GB Western Digital hard drive, 1 PCI half size slot, 1 Combo PCI/ISA half size slot, 2 ISA half size slots, 1 ISA full size expansion slot, floppy drive 1.44 Mb, 3.5” , 48X CD-Rom, Separate type Stealth FA Full keyboard, Pointing device – NEMA4, PS-2 compatible

High Speed Serial Bus included Type II PC PCB, Basic Operation Package Function, Extended D/L Function, Software Operator’s Panel Option

PMC-SB5 with 8K steps

3rd Axis Function

Least Input Increment of 0.0000 10”

Manual Handle Interruption

Manual Pulse Generator

Manual override of all feeds and speeds

Programmable Data Input (G10)

Custom Macro

Interruption for Custom Macro Common Variables

Macro Executor

Analog Spindle Interface

640m Part Program Storage

Operators Panel connection untilLadder Edit for HSSB Function

Special G code Input

10 Slot Horizontal base Unit

Digital Input Modules

Digital Output Modules

I/O Link Cable 10m

1 A4/6000 AC Digital Servomotor and amplifier

1 A12/4000 AC Digital Servo motor and Dual amplifier

1 A20/4000 AC Digital Servomotor

Taper Compensation

Plunge Grinding Cycle

Rough, Finish, and Sparkout Cycles

RPM Readout of Wheel and Work Speeds

Programmable Wheel Dressing Cycles

Abbott grinding softwareAutomatic wheel approach and touch off via acoustic sensor

End dubbing

Tapers full length, one end, or both ends

End and continuous infeed

Load control of Infeed

Short Stroking

Part Shape Compensation (Automatic requires FMT caliper)

Part History Database

Scope of Supply:

1 Machine Bed

1 Machine Carriage

1 Headstock

1 Tailstock

1 Wheelhead assembly and applicable guarding

1 CNC System as described

1 Spindle lubrication system, machine mounted

1 Versagrind attachment with powered belt tracking

1 Wheel mount

1 Wheel Load meter, analog

1 Tailstock mounted wheel dresser with diamond

Operator’s and parts manual

CNC maintenance and programming manuals

Steel Telescoping Way Covers

Coolant Splash Guards

SBS Automatic Electronic Wheel Balancing

Heidenhain Feedback scales for X Positioning

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