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No. 5A Holroyd, pump rotor miller machine, tlstk, steady rests, hyd.& coolant sys, 1972

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No. 5A Holroyd, pump rotor miller machine, tlstk, steady rests, hyd.& coolant sys, 1972

The machine is of modern design and incorporates most improvements
which HOLROYD developed, such as: "possibility to use conventional
high-speed steel cutting tooling, as well as Tungsten-Carbide indexing-tip inserted blade cutters in the climb-milling mode."
"Automatic backlash take-up" is provided. The cutter-head is of
extra rugged construction. The cutter spindle is ridgidly supported in opposed taper roller bearings and thru the use of a flywheel, a damping effect and smooth cut are imparted to the mounted cutters. Maximum effect has been exercised in making changes in settings and adjustments easy and effortless, without disturbing alignments and/or accuracy. Most of the fuction controls are duplicated on the machine, in front, and in the rear, for maximum operator convenience.

Diameter of Work 25"
Max Traverse of Workslide 50"
Max Lead 98.5"
Min Lead 6"
Max Lead Angle (RH & LH) 60 degrees
Work Feed Rates 1"-11 1/4"/min
Quick Traverse Speed 67" /min
Max Distance Spindle Flange to Tailstock Ctr 68.5"
Min Distance Spindle Flange to Cutter Center 14.5"
Max Dia of Cutter (19 1/2" Head) 19.5"
Max Dia of Cutter 12" Head 12"
Cutter Speeds 19 1/2" Head, Infinitely Var 20-120 RPM
Cutter Speeds 12" Head, Infinitely Variable 30-180 RPM
Diameter of Hole through Workspindle 8"x33" Deep
Power Rotation of Work Spindle 2 RPM
DC Cutter Drive Motor 10-60 HP 7 1/2 - 45 KW
Hydraulic Infeed Motor 2 HP 1.5kW
Angle Setting Motor 2 HP 1.5 kW
Feed Drive Motor 3 HP (DC) 2.2 kW
Quick Traverse Motor 6 HP 4.5 kw
DC Divide Pre-Load Motor 3.5 HP 2.6 kW
Oil Pump Motors (2) 1/2 HP .37kW
Coolant Pump Motor 1/2 HP .37kW
Slow Infeed Motor 1/2 HP .37kW
Diameter of Cutter Spindle 4"
Support Swivability - left/right 60 degrees
Floor Space (5.8 meters) 17'6" x 19' x 5.3
Weight of Machine 26 tons
Dimensions 16' x 13'3" approx

Machine is equipped with:
- full complement of electrics (motors/controls)
- automatic forced feed lubrication to all working elements
- assortment of change gears
- tailstock assembly w/centers
- work supporting steady rests
- assortment of work holders, arbor drivers, etc
- self contained hydraulic system
- self contained coolant system
- guards, covers
- operators manaul, wiring & hydraulic diagrams

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