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SAWS, BAND, HORIZONTAL (Also See Vertical Band Saws)

18" x 27" Hyd-Mech #S-25A, auto, miter head, 1-1/2" blade, 10 HP, 75-400 SFM, 40" str, 1990

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18" x 27" Hyd-Mech #S-25A, auto, miter head, 1-1/2" blade, 10 HP, 75-400 SFM, 40" str, 1990
Stock No. 8655

Capacity:      round                        rectangular

At 45 angle:      18” diameter                  18” high x 27” wide
18” diameter (round)
At 30 angle:      12” diameter (round)
Blade:      18’ 10” x 1-1/2” x .050”
Blade speed:      75 – 400 spm (infinitely variable)
Blade tension:
Blade guides:      Hydraulic
carbide (coolant lubricated)
Blade wheel diameter:      22”
Motors:      blade drive                  hydraulic drive
10 HP                        3 HP
      Hydraulic pump:      pressure compensated
      Constant pressure:      6-1/2 gpm variable flow (maximum)
      Coolant pump:      3-1/2 gpm (150w)
Hydraulic tank:      20 gallon
Vise Control:      hydraulic (remote switch)
Shuttle stroke:      0-40” single stroke
      multi-shuttle capability of up to 99 strokes
Table height:      36’
Machine weight:      7,300 lbs.
Maximum work load:      8,000 lbs.
Overall dimensions:      111” wide, 160” long, 72” high

•A unique swing head design. The head swings through an arc from 90 degree to 30 degree (60 degree of swing). The angle is set remotely at the console.
•Carbide guides provide long life, consistent accuracy and reduced vibration.
•A hydraulic servo control allows the machine to react to the section of material being cut, as well as allowing the operator to adjust both feed force and feed rate independently.
•A powered blade brush cleans blade gullets.
•Heavy duty motor, reducer and variable drive assembly allows the operator to infinitely adjust blade speed from 75 – 400 sfm.
•Hydraulic blade tension ensures constant and accurate blade tension.
•The shuttle stroke is adjustable from 0 – 40” by use of an adjustable stop. A micrometer head is used for fine adjustment.
•The three vise shuttle system incorporated a “floating” shuttle vise which ensures accurate indexes when working with warped stock. The vises are long stroke and controlled at the console.
•Pressure reduction valves control the pressure of the vises

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