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LASERS, CNC (Also See Plasma Cutters/Punches, CNC)

Cincinnati #CL-7, 2000 watt, 6' x 12', dual pallet, non-contact, 1994

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Cincinnati #CL-7, 2000 watt, 6' x 12', dual pallet, non-contact, 1994   Click for video
2000 Watt CINCINNATI Laser Cutting System,
Model CL-7, 6' x 12', New 1994

Laser Output:------------------------------2000 Watt
Shuttle Table Size (2):--------------------146" x 74"
Maximum Workpiece Weight:------------------3000 Lbs.
Travels – X-Axis:--------------------------144"
- Y-Axis:--------------------------72"
- Z- Axis:-------------------------8"
Rapid Traverse Rate – X & Y Axes:----------1000" / Min.
Feed Rate – X & Y Axes:--------------------Up to 1000" / Min.
- Z-Axis:------------------------2" / Sec.
Pos. Accuracy – X & Y Axes:---------------- /- 0.001"
Repeatability – X & Y Axes:---------------- /- 0.001"
Overall Dim.(Approx.):---------------------490" (L) x 165" (W) x 88” (H)
Weight (Est.):-----------------------------34,500 Lbs.

Equipped With:
GE-Fanuc 0M CNC Controls
Operator's CNC Control Console and Pendant Operation
Assist Gas Pressure Adjustment
Contact Head
Newer non-contact head
Koolant Koolers Chiller
Operation and Programming Manuals
Spare laser for parts and control board which is in mint condition and used minimally
Upgraded memory *Maximum amount* Macro executor for material library

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