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20-25 KW Caterpillar #G20G1S, Natural Gas Stationary generator, 3 ph., 2008

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20-25 KW Caterpillar #G20G1S, Natural Gas Stationary generator, 3 ph., 2008

Generator Set
• Complete system designed and built at ISO 9001 certified facilities
• Factory tested to design specifications at full load conditions

• Governor, Woodward L-Series electronic
• Electrical system, 12 VDC
• Cartridge type filters
• Natural gas fuel system
• Gas shutoff valve, solenoid operated
• Gas pressure regulator
• Low oil pressure shutdown

• Insulation system, class H
• Drip proof generator air intake (NEMA 2, IP23)
• Electrical design in accordance with BS5000 Part 99, IEC60034-1, EN61000-6, NEMA MG-1.33

Automatic Voltage Regulator
• Voltage within ± 0.5% 3 Phase and ± 1.0% Single Phase at steady state from no load to full load
• Provides fast recovery from transient load changes cooling System
• Radiator and cooling fan complete with protective guards
• Standard ambient temperatures up to 110° F (43° C)
• High coolant temperature shutdown
• Low coolant level shutdown
• Low coolant temperature alarm

Mounting Arrangement
• Heavy-duty fabricated steel base with lifting points
• Anti-vibration pads to ensure vibration isolation
• Battery, rack, and cables
• Coolant and lube oil drains piped to edge of base
• Complete OSHA guarding
• Stub-up pipe ready for connection to silencer pipework
• Weather protective enclosures are available
• Sound attenuated enclosures are available
• Fuel line terminated at base with NPT connections
• Safety shutdown and alarm indicators

Circuit Breaker
• 3-pole with solid neutral, UL/CSA listed
• NEMA 1 steel enclosure, vibration isolated
• Electrical stub-up area directly below circuit breaker

Control System
• EMCP3.1 control panel
• Vibration isolated NEMA 1 enclosure with hinged access door
• Engine and generator instrumentation
• Volts adjust potentiometer (optional)
• Audible alarm for all faults
• Volt-free contact for common alarm
• AD/DC wiring harnesses

Equipment Finish
• All electroplated hardware
• Anticorrosive protection prior to painting
• High gloss polyurethane paint for durability and scuff resistance

• BS4999, BS5000, BS5514, IEC60034, EN61000-6, NEMA MG1-33, ISO 8528, NFPA 110 (with optional equipment)

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