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AIR COMPRESSORS, ROTARY SCREW (Positive Displacement)(Also See Compressors)

1200 cfm, 150 psi, Sullair #1200HAF, portable, Cat engine, trailer mounted, 2000

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1200 cfm, 150 psi, Sullair #1200HAF, portable, Cat engine, trailer mounted, 2000
AN INNOVATIVE SYSTEM—In today’s industrial and construction work- places, there is an increasing need for extremely clean, high quality com- pressed air that can be produced on-site. To meet this need, Sullair has devel- oped the AF System. This innovative portable compressed air system delivers instrument quality air, conveniently and cost effectively, wherever it is needed.

INSTRUMENT QUALITY AIR—The Sullair AF System includes portable rotary screw compressors from 300 cfm up to 1600 cfm and rated pressures from 100 psig up to 200 psig. This system delivers aftercooled and filtered compressed air that meets or exceeds ISO 8573-1: Class 1.7.1 quality standards. (See chart on following page.) Sullair has offered the AF System since 1995.

WIDE-RANGING APPLICATIONS—The AF System’s high quality air is ideal for instrumentation, process equipment and other sophisticated industrial applications. A mobile unit, the AF System is a convenient source of supplemental, replacement and emergency plant air. On construction sites, this system provides clean, instrument quality air for media blasting and painting/protective coating applications.

SYSTEM COMPONENTS—The AF System consists of a specially designed Sullair portable compressor with a built-in high-capacity, low-approach aftercool- er, a water/condensate trap and a highly efficient contaminant-removal system.

The contaminant-removal system includes primary and secondary filters with condensate traps. The primary filter is a coalescing type filter which captures and removes particles down to 1.0 micron and larger in diameter, and maximum remaining aerosol content at 0.5 PPM. The sec- ondary filter is a high efficiency coalescing type which removes particulate to 0.01 micron and larger in diameter, and maximum aerosol
content of 0.01 PPM.

DUAL FUNCTION SYSTEM—The Sullair AF portable compressor has two service valves: one for standard air and one for instrument quality air. This dual valve system eliminates the need for a second compressor that might be required for standard-air only

AUTOMATIC DRAIN VALVE—The AF System’s large capacity water/condensate trap features an automatic drain valve that continuously releases water while the machine is operating.

ENCLOSED FOR PROTECTION—All system components are located within the enclosure for weather and damage protection.

SULLAIR SYSTEM GOES ANYWHERE—From manufacturing plants to construction sites, the Sullair AF System provides “instant” instrument quality air in any work setting.

OPERATES EFFICIENTLY - The Sullair AF System uses no air to operate the aftercooler or filter system. Therefore none of the system’s air is consumed or lost.

RUNS QUIETLY — The Sullair AF System meets EPA noise regulations of 76 dBA @ 7M.

Package design features

DEPENDABLE ROTARY SCREW COMPRESSOR — Single-stage, fluid flooded, with cast iron housing.
AMPLE PADLOCKABLE SERVICE DOORS — Front, side and rear doors provide easy access.
TWO-STAGE DRY TYPE AIR FILTERS WITH SAFETY ELEMENT — Positioned to draw cool outside air.
0 TO 100% CAPACITY CONTROL — Automatic inlet valve and unloaded starting.
INSTRUMENT PANEL — Equipped with top quality gauges, circuit breaker, idle warm-up valve and diagnostic shutdown indicator system.
DIAGNOSTIC SHUTDOWN INDICATOR SYSTEM — Lights indicate cause of shutdown; simplify troubleshooting.
PROTECTIVE SHUTDOWN SWITCHES — Differential pressure, low engine oil pressure, high engine water temperature, low water level, high compressor temperature or low fuel level.
AWF COMPRESSOR FLUID — Provides faster, easier cold weather startups. Tolerates and separates water easily. Reduced fluid carryover extends filter life.

Aftercooler and filters
DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE SHUTDOWN SYSTEM FOR FILTERS — This system senses buildup in the filters and sounds an alarm when filters require maintenance. If there is no response to the alarm, the system activates a warning light and automatically shuts down the machine, to ensure that no contaminant or oil is allowed to go beyond the filter. (Option on 300HH, 375, 375H and 425)

LOW-APPROACH AFTERCOOLER WITH CONDENSATE TRAP — This feature is incorporated into the portable cooling system. The discharge air temperature is compatible with inlet air temperature requirements of your downstream dryer.

AN ENVIRONMENTALLY - FRIENDLY SOLUTION FOR CONDENSATE REMOVAL — Sullair‘s standard condensate collection/disposal system, which consists of hoses from water and filter traps routed through the belly-pan of the machine, captures the condensate and allows you to dispose of it safely.

An alternate method allows the condensate to be deposited on the ground.

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