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PRESSES, HYDRAULIC (Also See Presses, Laminating and Presses, Molding)

4000 Ton, CCCP hydraulic press, (2) 49.25" strokes, 147.63" DL, 98.45" SH

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General Specifications

Ton: 4000
Manufacturer: Cccp
Stroke: 49.2
Daylight: 147.6
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Dealer Information
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Paramount Industries
19824 Chalon
Saint Clair Shores, MI 48080

Contact: Ted Gillespie
Tel: 586-779-1788
Fax: 586-779-2267
Gold Level Dealer Since 1989

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Detailed Product Description

We are pleased to offer for immediate sale this used 4000 ton Hydraulic CCCP press with the below specifications. Please call Ted Gillespie at the above toll free phone number for price and further press details. Ted can also arrange inspection for buyers and quote shipping to major Cities worldwide.

Here are the basic specifications confirmed in Inches below for this press.

Capacity       4000 Ton
Internal ram max force      3000 Ton
External ram max effort      1000 Ton
Max. cold punching effort      2000 Ton
Movable table size      216" fb x 236" rl
Central ejector force      900 Ton
Side ejector Force      100 Ton
Distance between columns      
- on loading side      232.28"
- on control side      161.41"
Max distance between table and ram      147.63"
Rams up/down stroke speed      max 20 cm/sec
Pressing speed      max 10 cm/sec
Table travel speed      20 cm/sec
Height over/under floor      43'.86" above floor / below floor 24".60"
Weight      1323.7 Ton
Stroke is carried out in two steps:      
One stamp from the internal      Stroke size is 49.25"
Second from the plate buildings situated on the 4 pillars/cylinders      Stroke size is 49.25"
Total Press Stroke      98.45"
Daylight      147.63"
Shut Height      98.45"