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Crest Ultrasonic #CDC6B-1840, 5-station, 18" x 40", Ultrasonic, robotic transfer

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General Specifications

Manufacturer: Crest
Model: CDC6B-1840
Stock #: 397486
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Dealer Information
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Detailed Product Description

General Specifications As Per Brochure (Please Verify Deails);

This Crest Ultrasonic Cleaning System includes the following features:
misc baskets

Precision Wash system includes:

Crest 8 Position (including load and unload stations) custom cleaning system
operated in clean room environment for cleaning Semiconductor equipment
related parts.

Process tank sizes 18" x 40" x 18"
Basket footprint 14"x36" (Approx)
Robotic transfer units with track, cables & rails
System is fully automated and suited for precision clean room transfer of
cleaned components

Automated 3 position belt driven load conveyor
1. Ultrasonic Wash, 40 kHz with filtered recirculation.
2. Rinse with spray to drain
3. Ultrasonic Overflow rinse 68 kHz with spray over immersion rinse.
4. Final Ultrasonic immersion rinse. Includes 132 kHz high frequency
transducers. (Generators for this station will need to be purchased
from Crest Ultrasonics.)
5. Heated Recirculating HEPA filtered dryer
6. Heated Vacuum Dryer Module
Automated 3 position clean room style unload conveyor

Crest Control Unit Cabinet
Allen Bradley PLC controlled automated robotic X/Y hoist that
automatically processing baskets through cleaning system.

Titan Water Heating System 48KW / 240V / 3 phase

System footprint (APPROX Dims & Weights):
Machine (table): 148" x 44" x 51" 5,000 lbs
Filter Cabinet: 48" x 30" x 71" 250 lbs
Ultrasonic Cabinet: 50" x 19" x 53" 200 lbs
Electrical Cabinet: 45" x 37" x 90" 500 lbs
Crate of Misc Parts: 44" x 22" x 40" 250 lbs
Robotic Table: 84" x 22" x 22" 250 lbs
Robotic Track: 78" x 22" x 87" 1,500 lbs
Conveyors: 121" x 48" x 46" 500 lbs