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Agietron Advance 1PM, 4-Axis,C-rotation,27.5"x19.6"x13.7"trvl,14 pos.ATC,'04,#36000 Camera Spec Sheet Visit Dealer's Equipment Listings  rfq
Liberty Machinery Co, Lincolnshire, IL 847-276-2761 (Fax 847-276-2762) Peter Sonneborn
Agie Hyperspark Exact HS2, 2 machine cell with System 3R robot, 2008 Camera Visit Dealer's Equipment Listings  rfq
Edge Machine Tools, Elgin, IL 224-856-5636 (Fax 224-535-9583) Bob Drewes
Agie Mondo 20, Futura IV control, 12"x 10"x 10"travels, 2001, #30543 rfq
Machinery Network Inc, Encino, CA 310-826-4440 (Fax 818-788-2470) Sales Dept.
Agie Mondo Star 50, C-Axis, 4 ATC, Hirschman chuck, 7000 hours, 2000 rfq
Edge Machine Tools, Elgin, IL 224-856-5636 (Fax 224-535-9583) Bob Drewes
Astec #CDH-2A hole popper, #9655 Camera Spec Sheet  Show Video of Item Visit Dealer's Equipment Listings  rfq
Turner Industries Inc, Grand Rapids, MI 616-949-5910 (Fax 616-949-3461) Jeff/Bill/David
Charmilles Robofil 500 Series, 27"X,16"Y,16"Z with 27"U-travels, 1995 rfq
Industrial Resources Inc, Old Saybrook, CT 860-388-3439 (Fax 860-388-2740) Ray Magaldi
CHarmilles Roboform 30, 1997 rfq
Edge Machine Tools, Elgin, IL 224-856-5636 (Fax 224-535-9583) Bob Drewes
Charmilles Roboform 31, C-Axis, 16 ATC, Erowa chuck, transformer, 1996 rfq
Edge Machine Tools, Elgin, IL 224-856-5636 (Fax 224-535-9583) Bob Drewes
Charmilles Roboform 35, C-Axis, 4 ATC, Erowa chuck, 2000 rfq
Edge Machine Tools, Elgin, IL 224-856-5636 (Fax 224-535-9583) Bob Drewes
Charmilles Roboform 4000, CNC EDM, 17.7"x 12.6"x 16.1"travels, Charmilles CNC, 1994 Camera Spec Sheet Visit Dealer's Equipment Listings  rfq
Vander Ziel Machinery Sales, Alto, MI 616-868-1111 (Fax 616-868-1115) Steve Vander Ziel
Elox #18-6636, 36"long., 16"cross, 72"x 40"x 20"tank, Fanuc 6MB, #20730 Camera Spec Sheet Visit Dealer's Equipment Listings  rfq
C.W. Wood Machinery Inc, Cincinnati, OH 800-745-6008 (Fax 513-542-4819) Sales Dept.
Elox #8-2012CAC, CNC sinker EDM,50 amp,Fanuc 11M,3-Axis CNC ctrl,System 3R head,auto lube sys,10"riser block,#8848 Camera Visit Dealer's Equipment Listings  rfq
Sterling Machinery Exchange, South El Monte, CA 626-444-0311 (Fax 626-443-9588) Adam Mattes
Hansvedt #MV-20, M-Pulse 75 AMP CNC, 35"x20"x13"tank, Orbit/Vector, 2008 rfq
Grand Marshall Machinery Inc, Hauppauge, NY 631-777-3600 (Fax 631-777-3603) Larry/ Paul/Marshall
Ingersol Gantry 500, bridge type CNC sinker EDM,Mits PC based,20.6"x15.7"x17.7",'99 Camera Spec Sheet rfq
S & M Machinery Sales Inc, Warren, MI 586-755-1234 (Fax 586-755-9876) Spencer Minns
Mitsubishi #M65J, 3-Axis CNC ram EDM,39.37"x23.62"tbl,27.5"X,16.6"Y,14"Z,16 pos. 3R auto electrode changer,Mits C7 ctrl,1993 Camera rfq
T.A.C. Assets, Fairborn, OH 937-477-7712 (Fax 937-376-8328) Larry Beam
Sharp #SED301, sinker type EDM, 50 amps, 11.8"x 23.6"table, mag. chuck, DRO, 2001 Camera rfq
Holland Machinery Company Inc, Miami, FL 305-635-2325 (Fax 305-638-3524) Sales
Sodick #A85, Mark 22 ctrls, 34"x 20"x 18"travels, 72"x 50"x 24"tank, very nice rfq
Advanced Jones Machinery Co, Dayton, OH 937-278-7337 (Fax 937-278-8234) Bob Gibson
Sodick Mold Maker 3, with TX 21, 36 x 20 x 12 tank, very good, 1990s Camera rfq
Winslow's Machine Tool Sales, Lexington, TN 731-614-1296 (Fax 731-968-8976) Don Winslow
Sodick Moldmaker #3, CNC sinker EDM,23.6"x11.8" wrk tbl,11.8"X,7.9"Y,9.8"Z,1993 Camera Spec Sheet rfq
Orca Machine Tools Inc., Albertville, MN 763-494-9825 (Fax 763-494-9827) Theron Horn

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