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3/4" Davis #4, gear drive keyseater, includes all tooling, $3000.00 Camera rfq
Quality Rebuilding Corp, Valparaiso, IN 219-476-0281 (Fax 219-476-0283) Stu Smith
3/4" Davis #4, keyseater,1/16"-3/4"keyway cutting cap,15-1/2"thrt,4-1/2"stroke,48 SPM,manual table feed,1-1/2 HP,1968,#12046 Camera Spec Sheet rfq
Hildebrand Machinery Co Inc, York, PA 717-846-2600 (Fax 717-845-9497) Dave Hildebrand
1-1/4" Mitts & Merrill #2, 1-1/4"max.keyway width, 12"max.keyway length, tooling Camera Spec Sheet Visit Dealer's Equipment Listings  rfq
Wheeler Machinery Sales, Pomona, CA 888-589-6721 (Fax 909-348-5617) Dan Wheeler
1-1/4" Mitts & Merrill #2A, keyseater, 12"key length,very well tooled,1963 rfq
Great American Eqpt Co, Cincinnati, OH 513-771-2111 (Fax 513-771-2552) Sales Dept.
1-1/4" Mitts & Merrill #K-1212, auto.,12"length,programmable,tooling,1991 Camera Spec Sheet  Show Video of Item Visit Dealer's Equipment Listings  rfq
Centra Corporation, White Marsh, MD 443-317-8414 (Fax 443-317-8521) Ed/Mike/Thomas
1-1/4" Morrison #1-1/4, 1-1/4"W x 9"L,1/16"to 1-1/4"cap.,V-speed,2 HP,new,#21781 Camera Spec Sheet Visit Dealer's Equipment Listings  rfq
C.W. Wood Machinery Inc, Cincinnati, OH 800-745-6008 (Fax 513-542-4819) Sales Dept.
1-1/4" Morrison #K, 1.25"capacity, 1977, 1986, 1990 (3) Camera rfq
Belmont Machinery Co, Aurora, IL 630-844-9288 (Fax 630-844-9398) Sales
2" Mitts & Merrill #3, 24"length cap., 3 HP, auto feed, auto tool relief Camera Spec Sheet Visit Dealer's Equipment Listings  rfq
Universal Metalworking Equip., Houston, TX 713-675-4145 (Fax 713-675-1294) M. Feinstein
2" Mitts & Merrill #3A, mechanical, 2"W x 24"L, tooling & cutter rfq
Fordoc Inc, Rock Falls, IL 815-285-2660 (Fax 815-285-2660) David H Doctor
2" WGW / Fromag #4, hyd.,2"cap.,18"stroke,full auto,complete tooling,reconditioned rfq
Peterson Machinery Sales, Casa Grande, AZ 520-836-9727 (Fax 520-836-1944) Dan/Nate
2-1/2" Mitts & Merrill #4C, 24"length,to 31 FPM,hyd.tool relief,15 HP Camera Spec Sheet Visit Dealer's Equipment Listings  rfq
Universal Metalworking Equip., Houston, TX 713-675-4145 (Fax 713-675-1294) M. Feinstein
2.75" Fromag Rapida #70/425, combi broach,keyseater,16.7"lgth,well tooled,flush mount,1992 rfq
Adams Machinery Co, Lincolnwood, IL 847-673-0556 (Fax 847-673-7636) Sonneborn
3" D.C. Morrison hydraulic keyseater, 50"x36-1/2"table,15 HP,AB Panelview 300,vise Camera rfq
Universal Metalworking Equip., Houston, TX 713-675-4145 (Fax 713-675-1294) M. Feinstein
3-1/2" Mitts & Merrill #2, mechanical keyseater, 36"table, 3-1/2"W x 24"L capacity Camera Spec Sheet rfq
R.P. Machine Enterprises Inc, Statesville, NC 866-726-0977 (Fax 704-872-5777) Bill Gilpatrick
3-1/2" Mitts & Merrill #6B, 0-3.5"keyway,mechanical,0-30"length,13 FPM,24"x28"tbl. Camera rfq
Harvey Machine Tool Co, Tulsa, OK 918-663-0604 (Fax 918-663-0704) Henry Harvey
3.93" Fromag #RA-CNC-100/750, 3.93"W x 29.52"L, CNC, 15 HP, 1991, #11656 Camera Spec Sheet rfq
Harris Machine Tools, Inc., Houston, TX 713-462-5800 (Fax 713-462-8222) Sales Dept.
4" Mitts & Merrill #7B, hyd.,42"stroke,new electric ctrls,well tooled,1975 rfq
G Q Machinery Inc., Farmingdale, NY 516-867-4040 (Fax 516-223-1195) George Q.
4" Mitts & Merrill #8C, mech., 48"x4"width max.,lots of tooling,Ser.#D3917-8-47 rfq
Inter-Plant Sales, Hugo, MN 612-281-3736 (Fax 651-207-8933) Rick Canniff
5" Fromag #125/1500, 60"lgth,indexing tbl controlled by Servo motor,well tooled,1984 Camera Spec Sheet Visit Dealer's Equipment Listings  rfq
Adams Machinery Co, Lincolnwood, IL 847-673-0556 (Fax 847-673-7636) Sonneborn
5" Mitts & Merrill #10B, 5"x75"cap,100K/lb.load,auto infd,auto tool relief,#10554 Spec Sheet rfq
Industrial Machine Tools Inc, Anacortes, WA 410-275-9933 (Fax 410-275-9935) Sam Tull
6" Maillefer-SA #MAC1200H, Renenssuisse, keyseater,32"x32"table,79-393 stroke speed,limited use,good,1960's rfq
Hadanich Machine Mfg., Inc., Washington, PA 724-225-2440 (Fax 724-225-8112) George Hadanich
Baker Brothers, 5 HP integrated mtr,upgraded GE mtr starter,push button start/stop Camera Visit Dealer's Equipment Listings  rfq
AM Industrial, Brook Park, OH 216-433-7171 (Fax 216-433-4008) Curt Wyman
Davis #1, keyseater with tooling Camera rfq
AirTec Systems Inc, Redwood Falls, MN 507-644-3060 (Fax 507-644-4548) Scott Barber

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