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JIG MILLS (Also See CNC & N/C Machinery & Equipment - Jig Mills)

Machinery Dealers National Association-Used Metalworking
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3" DeVlieg #3H-48, 48"vert., 48"cross, 3-axis inch/metric, DRO, 1964 (790) Camera Spec Sheet rfq
Wigglesworth Machinery Co, East Boston, MA 617-567-7210 (Fax 617-561-0265) Gifford
3" DeVlieg #3H-48, 35"x48"tbl,1200 RPM,#40 tpr w/PDB,3-Axis AcuRite DRO,'66,#13064 Camera Spec Sheet rfq
Hildebrand Machinery Co Inc, York, PA 717-846-2600 (Fax 717-845-9497) Dave Hildebrand
3" DeVlieg #3H-72, Spiramatic,Diatrol ctrl,30"x72"tbl,48",dual fd,xclnt Camera rfq
Century Machinery Co, Los Angeles, CA 213-627-2847 (Fax 213-627-2499) Leon Dietch
3" DeVlieg #3H-72, jig mill, 1969 Camera Visit Dealer's Equipment Listings  rfq
Belmont Machinery Co, Aurora, IL 630-844-9288 (Fax 630-844-9398) Sales
3" DeVlieg #3K72, 45"x 72"table, 60"vt, 1660 RPM, #40 taper, #15891 Camera Spec Sheet Visit Dealer's Equipment Listings  rfq
Harris Machine Tools, Inc., Houston, TX 713-462-5800 (Fax 713-462-8222) Sales Dept.
3" DeVlieg #3K-72, 60"vert.spdl.trvl,16"horiz.spdl.trvl,17-1660 RPM spindle speeds rfq
Investment Recovery Services, Fort Worth, TX 817-222-9848 (Fax 817-834-4075) Gregg Trenor
4" DeVlieg #4B120, 48"vertical,120"table trvl,10 HP,1000 RPM,readouts,1953,#6183 Camera Spec Sheet rfq
Prestige Equipment Corp, Melville, NY 631-249-5566 (Fax 631-249-9494) Terry Lashin
4" DeVlieg #4B-120, 120"X,60"Y, 36"x 120"table, #50 taper, S31612 Camera Spec Sheet Visit Dealer's Equipment Listings  rfq
Perfection Industrial Sales, Elk Grove Village, IL 847-427-3333 (Fax 847-427-8884) Dept. Sales
4" DeVlieg #4B-72, 36"x72"table,72"cross,48"vertical,1000 RPM,E-table,10 HP,#17072 Camera Spec Sheet rfq
Raco Industrial Corp, Des Plaines, IL 847-298-8600 (Fax 847-635-8976) Jack Boecher
4" DeVlieg #4K72, 40"x 72"table, #50 taper, PLC ctrl, 3-Axis Sony DRO, 1985 rfq
Advanced Jones Machinery Co, Dayton, OH 937-278-7337 (Fax 937-278-8234) Bob Gibson
5" DeVlieg #54K-96,96"table trvl,60"vert,20"platen trvl,1200 RPM,#50 tpr,PDB,DRO,'72 Camera Spec Sheet  Show Video of Item Visit Dealer's Equipment Listings  rfq
Allied Machinery Co, Warren, MI 586-754-9200 (Fax 586-754-5131) Ted Barrie
5" DeVlieg #5H-96, jig mill, 1970 Visit Dealer's Equipment Listings  rfq
Belmont Machinery Co, Aurora, IL 630-844-9288 (Fax 630-844-9398) Sales
Herbert DeVlieg #3H48 Spiramatic, Contender III controller,DRP,30"airlift tbl,tlg Camera rfq
Belter Machinery, Rockford, IL 815-654-3300 (Fax 815-633-3969) Gary Belter

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