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WASHING MACHINES, (Also See Degreasers)

Proceco pass thru, 24" x 24" chamber, 8' prewash, 4' wash, Stainless Steel, 2001, #12154

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PROCECO PASS THROUGH PARTS WASHERPRICE: Loaded on Truck, Our Warehouse, York, PA …… $89,500.00Stock # 12154Serial # 01-302 New 2001 Model # BCW24X24-G-8PW-4W-BO-SS-SCConveyor Width: 24"Conveyor Load Capacity: 25 Lb./FtMaximum Part Width: 24"Maximum Part Height: 24"Conveyor Speed: Variable, But Range is Unknown at this TimeHeat Source: Natural Gas, 800,000 BTU at 2 PSITank 1 Volume: 1530 GallonsTank 2 Volume: 700 GallonsEQUPPED WITH:8' of Pre Wash4' of WashPart Blow Off at End of WasherSide Mounted Sludge ConveyorAll Stainless Steel Construction (Welded)7-Day TimerTemperature Control for Stage 1 and Stage 2Conveyor Speed Read-OutJog ReverseCounter FlowOperator Access Doors30 HP 1st Stage Pump15 HP 2nd Stage Pump(2) Additional Pump Assemblies (No Motors)Previous Application: Washing CV Joints for RebuildThis washer was originally fitted with an extra long loading table approximately 60' long. That table frame is no longer with this washer but the conveyor is along with the end support rolls. The buyer is welcome to fabricate their own loading station using as much or as little of the conveyor that is present.Voltage: Wired for 3 Phase, 60 Cycle, 460 VoltsPROCECO PASS THROUGH PARTS WASHERStock # 12154Serial # 01-302 New 2001 Model # BCW24X24-G-8PW-4W-BO-SS-SCDIMENSIONS:Overall Size Washer: 396" L-R x 98" F-B x 110" H x 18,000 Lbs.Sludge Conveyor: 372" L-R x 100" F-B x 76" H x 11,500 Lbs.Skid of Pumps: 48" L-R x 48" F-B x 36" HSkid of Conveyor: 60" L-R x 98" F-B x 36" H