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1-1/4" x .080" Somenor welded tube reducing mill

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1-1/4" x .080" Somenor welded tube reducing mill
Manufacturer: Somenor -Mill Capacity, Wall Thickness Range: 0.6mm (0.023) - 2mm (0.078), Line Speed: 35 to 100 m/min.

Tube O.D: 8mm (.315") - 32mm (1.25"), Tube: 8 meter, Shaft Diameter: 40mm (1.6"), Complete Mill With: -Double End Uncoiler (L.A.S.A), Coil Weight: 9,000lbs, Shear End Welder (OTO Mills), Kent Floop Vertical Accumulator, Somenor Tube Mill

Forming Mill, 40mm (1.6") Shaft Diameter, 6 Forming Stands, 5 Side guides, 160mm (6.3") Roll Space, 295mm (11.6") Vertical Separation, 2 Roll Welding Box, OD Scarfing Unit, Guiding rolls, 35HP DC Drive, SEF Welding Unit, 120 KW, Welding Power, 320 Hz Frequency, Tube Type, 10' Cooling Trough , 7 Sizing Stands, 7 Idler Side Guide, Individual Driven and Controls by 7.5 HP DC Motor, Double Sided Turks Head, Cut-Off, OTO Mills Cold Saw, Controls Updated by ELVA, 1997, Tooling Available, Welded Tube Sizes: 12,7mm, 13,0mm, 14mm, 15mm, 15,8mm, 16,0mm, 17,0mm, Finished Reduction Sizes: 9,25mm, 9,35mm, 9,75mm, 10mm, 12mm.