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Red Dot If you know exactly what type of equipment you're looking for or even have a general industrial classification or category (i.e. CNC Machinery, Radial Drills, Circuit Breakers, CNC Lathes, etc.), try using the Surplus Record search. Specify a keyword or set of keywords, and Surplus Record will search its entire database to find the listings that match the keywords you provide.

Search Tip: To search the Surplus Record Directory the keyword matches are based on categories of machinery and equipment (i.e. PRESSES). It will not search and match the following:
Red Dot Manufacturers Names (i.e. General Electric, Giddings & Lewis, Cincinnati).
Specific Size, Capacity, or Model # (i.e. 6", 300 Ton, 500 HP, No. 2).

Do not use Double Quotes ("), Plus Marks (+), or Negative Marks (-).
Red Dot If you wish to see an alphabetical listing of all the categories listed in the Surplus Record Directory then choose Browse the Surplus Record Machinery & Equipment Directory.
Red Dot If you have a specific request within a large database category (i.e. MOTORS, A.C., SQUIRREL CAGE, 60 CYCLE) and you wish to sort the data you can use our Advanced Search feature to process your specific request by Model, Capacity, Frame, etc. Here you must type in the equipment classification SPELLED EXACTLY AS IT APPEARS in the Surplus Record Directory. Here your selection is punctuation, space and case insensitive.

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