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Metalworking Machinery Co. - Whether rebuilding existing units or designing for special applications, it is our objective to furnish shot blast systems of high quality, performing to high standards, and offering a sound, initial investment with lower operating costs.

DUST COLLECTORS (Also See Blowers & Fans)
8500 cfm Torit Donaldson #DFT, 24 cartridge dust collector, 20 HP blowerRFQ
20000 cfm Farr, 40 cartridge & 40 HP blower dust collectorRFQ

Goff #24X60, spinner hanger, excellent condition Camera iconRFQ
Goff, 1-1/2 cu.ft. tumblastRFQ
Goff, 1-1/2 cu.ft. rubber beltRFQ
Pangborn #6GN, rubber belt tumblast, rebuilt, 1 year warranty Camera iconRFQ
Pangborn #6GNR, rubber belt, rebuilt, 1 year warrantyRFQ
Pangborn #12GN, rubber belt, rebuiltRFQ
Pangborn #12GNR, 12 cu.ft., rubber belt with loader, excellent conditionRFQ
Wheelabrator #1, multi-table, (10) 8" diameter tablesRFQ
Wheelabrator #1A Multi-Table, 2-wheels, (8) 19" diameter tables, indexing, independ.abrasive, sweeps, new conditionRFQ
Wheelabrator #1A Multi-Table, side mount wheels, 1988RFQ
Wheelabrator #28 Super II tumblast, rebuilt to new conditionRFQ
Wheelabrator #28 Super II, mang flights, remanufactured, excellent conditionRFQ
Wheelabrator #34 Super III, manganse flights, remanufactured, 1 year warrantyRFQ
Wheelabrator BCP, 4-whl, 10HP whls, structural cleaner, entry/exit conv, 12.5 x 12.5 wk.capRFQ
Wheelabrator Super III tumblast, 34 cu.ft.RFQ
Wheelabrator, 2-wheel, 15 HP Downblast belt conveyor, 18" H x 26" W, 2000RFQ
Wheelabrator, 96" swing table, 52" work height, completely rebuilt, new conditionRFQ
Wheelabrator, 4-wheel, 40 HP inline bar stock, 6" diameter rounds & w/do shapes & flatsRFQ
Wheelabrator, 96" swing table, rebuilt Camera iconRFQ
Wheelabrator BCP, 2-wheel, 30 HP Spinner Hanger, 48" x 72" , 2096 hrs, 43" x 48" H wk.envelopeRFQ

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