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Industrial Machinery & Rigging Inc. was started in 1993. Today, we are one of the biggest and best dealers in the country and have premises and personnel that allow us to cater for all aspects of business relating to the selling and buying of machine tools. We have a modern facility with overhead cranes, forklifts, cleaning facilities and a workshop that allow us to prepare machines to the standard our customers expect. We have equipment which allows us to personally deliver and collect most of our machines to ensure careful handling.Our personnel are our strongest asset. Our team has experience to cover all aspects of the machine purchases including a lot of technical and commercial aspects that are often forgotten. Be sure to call us if you're buying or selling any used cnc lathes, used cnc verticals, or used cnc horizontal machining centers. Industrial has much more used cnc machines available. Although we specialize in Okuma used CNC machines we carry all other used cnc brands as well for example used Haas, used Fadal, used Mazak, used Mori Seiki, used Nakamura, used Kitamura, used Doosan and used Makino.

12.99" x 25.6" Okuma #GP-25T, CNC universal cylindrical grinder, OSP700G control, 10 HP, ' 98 Camera iconRFQ

Daewoo #Puma 300LMC, CNC turning center, Fanuc 21i-TB, long bed, live tlng, 12" chuck, ' 06 SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
Haas #SL-30T, tailstock, 30" swing, 10" chuck, 2.5" bar, 2002 SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
Hardinge Cobra #51, CNC turning center, 21" swing, 2" bar, hydraulic 8" chuck, 2000 SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
Hitachi-Seiki #HT20SIII, CNC lathe, Seicos Multi L control, 15" swing, 8" chuck, chip conv, ' 96 Camera iconRFQ
J & L #616, CNC turning center, 3-Jaw 16" chuck, Fanuc OT SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
J & L #821, combi CNC turning center, 8" spindle bore, 3-Jaw power wrench 21" chucks, Fanuc 18T SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
Monarch Predator, CNC lathe, 2-Axis, Fanuc 18T, 20.5" swing, 10" chuck, live. tooling, sub spindle, ' 96 Camera iconRFQ
Mori-Seiki #CL-20B, lathe, 2-Axis, Fanuc 18T, 18.5" swing, 8" chuck, auto.gantry load.sys, ' 96 Camera iconRFQ
Mori-Seiki #SL-35B/750, 2-Axis CNC, 16T FANUC (MF-T6), 9" CRT & RS-232 port, 1996 SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
Mori-Seiki #ZL-25A/500, lathe, 4-Axis, Fanuc 16T, twin turret, 20.5" swing, 8" chuck, tailstock, ' 95 Camera iconRFQ
Mori-Seiki #ZL-200SMC, dual turret CNC turning center, 26.7" swing, 8" chuck, live. tooling, sub-spindle SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
Murata #MW20, CNC lathe, 8" chuck, Fanuc 16T, twin adjacent spindles, twin turrets SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
Okuma Cadet #LT-25M, CNC lathe, 7-Axis, OSP 7000L, 25.59" swing, 2 spdl/2 turret, milling, ' 98 Camera iconRFQ
Okuma Crown #L1060, model 762S-BB, 2-Axis CNC turning center w/IGF option SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
Okuma Impact #LU300, CNC turning center, 20.87" swing, 2.44" spindle bore, 2002 SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
Okuma #LU-15, CNC lathe, upper & lower turrets, 22" swing, OSP U100L control w/robots, 2002 SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
Okuma Robusturn #LFS10M-2SP, OSP-U100L 9.5" Color CRT OGL 3 Loader, 2003 SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
Takamaz #XD-10, CNC twin spindle turning center w/gantry loading sys, Fanuc 16T, 1997 SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
Takisawa #TS25, CNC lathe, 10" chuck, 42" turning length, Fanuc, tailstock, barfeeder SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ

Cincinnati Magnum #HPC-1000XT, 3 lrg 40" pallets.full 4th Axis, CTS, 61" X, 49" Y, 47" Z, ' 05 SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
Mori-Seiki #NH-5000/50, CNC HMC, 25" X, 27" Y, 28" Z, full 4th, 8000 RPM, 60 ATC, 2003 SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
Mori-Seiki #SH-403, HMC, 22" X, 20" Y, 20" Z, 12000 RPM, 40 ATC, 2000 SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ

Brute #4828, CNC Vertical Machining Center, 48" X, 28" Y, 28" Z, 2000 SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
Daewoo #DMV-400, CNC VMC, 2-Pallet, Fanuc 18M CNC w/CRT, 2000 SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
Daewoo #DMV-4020, Fanuc 21iMB, thru spindle coolant, 40" X, 20" Y, 24" Z, 24 ATC, 2006 SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
Fadal #VMC4020HT, Extended " Z" Rigid Tap AC Drives Fadal Multi Processor CNC control, ' 01 SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
Fadal #VMC6030HT, Fadal multi processer CNC control, rigid tap, remote Mpg, CTS, 1998 SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
Haas #VF-3YT/50, CNC VMC, Cat 50, 7500 RPM, 30 ATC, remote MPG rigid tapping, 2009 SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
Haas #VF-4, CNC VMC, 50" X, 20" Y, 25" Z, 1997 SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
Mazak #VTC-16C, CNC VMC, Mazatrol M32B control, 65.35" X, 16.14" Y, 20.08" Z, 7000 RPM, ' 95 SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
Takumi #V-15A, VMC, 57" X, 27" Y, 27" Z, 6000 RPM, 24 ATC SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ

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