Dealers Industrial Eqpt.,LLC
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Hillside, New Jersey 07205

Contact: Alan Brenner
Tel: 908-688-1966
Fax: 908-688-1844
Email: srelaed@aol.com
In the Surplus Record since 1965
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Dealers Electric Motor is an excellent source for new surplus, used & factory new industrial equipment. Our 40,000 sq.ft. facility is filled with AC Adjustable Frequency Drives, Electric Motors (AC & DC), Transformers, Gearmotors, Reducers,U.S. & Reeves mechanically variable speed units, Motor Controls & more.

MOTORS, A.C., SQUIRREL CAGE, 60 CYCLE (Also See Explosion Proof)
15 HP 1800 RPM General Electric, Fr. 254T, ODP, new, 230/460 V.(360 available)RFQ
20 HP 1200 RPM Weg, Fr. 286T, ODP, new, 230/460 V. (5 available)RFQ
40 HP 900 RPM Weg, Fr. 365T, XPFC, new, 230/460 V.RFQ
50 HP 1200 RPM Weg, Fr. 404T, TEFC, new, 230/460 V.(11 available)RFQ
50 HP 1800 RPM General Electric, Fr. 326TS, TEFC, new, prem.eff, 230/460 V.(9 available)RFQ
50 HP 3600 RPM General Electric, Fr. 326T, TEFC, new, prem.eff, 230/460 V.(24 available)RFQ
100 HP 900 RPM Weg, Fr. 445T, XPFE, new, 230/460 V.RFQ
250 HP 3600 RPM Weg, Fr. 449TS, TEFC, new, 460 V. (9 available)RFQ
450 HP 900 RPM Weg, Fr. 588/9, TEFC, new, 460 V.RFQ
500 HP 1200 RPM Techtop, Fr. 586/7T, TEFC, new, 460 V.RFQ

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