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Compression Source, Inc. - Your number one source for compression equipment. We offer a full range of oil and gas equipment and have the largest inventory on the west coast for reciprocating compressors, cylinders, pumps, engines, electric motors and associated parts.

COMPRESSORS, PROCESS GAS, Reciprocating, Turbine Driven & Turbo-Centrifugal Types
Ariel #JGA-4/Caterpillar G3408TA, CNG compressor pkg, 2.75" x 2.75" x3" x3" x1.5" x1.5" (2 available)RFQ
Ariel #JGJ-2, 400 HP single stage electric drive compressor pkg, 15.25" x 15.25"  Camera iconRFQ
Ariel #JGJ-2, 3 stage CNG pkgs, nat.gas, elec.dr., 6-3/8" x 3-7/8" x2" , 5-1/8" x3-7/8" x2" , (4 available)RFQ
Ariel #JGK4, 2500 HP electric drive compressor pkg, 11" x 11" x7.25" x7.25" , brand new Camera iconRFQ
Gemini #HPDD, Caterpillar G3408TA CNG, Natural gas, 3" x 2.5" x 1.25"  Camera iconRFQ

ENGINES, NATURAL GAS (Also See Generators, A.C., Engine, Dual Fuel, Gas)
Cat #G3306NA/TA, G342TA, G3306NA/TA, G342NA/TA, G379TA/NA, Nat gas enginesRFQ
Caterpillar #G3512S1NA, G3516TALE, G3412TA, G398TA/NA, Natural gas engines Camera iconRFQ
Waukesha #F18GL, L36GL, P48GL, F11GRFQ
Waukesha #F2895GU, F2895GSI, F2895GL, F3521GURFQ
Waukesha #AT27GL, L7042GU, L7042GSI, P9390GU, P9390GSIRFQ

1000 KW Waukesha #L7042GSIU, Kato genset, in stockRFQ
1475 KW Waukesha #P9390GSI, 1475 KW Enginator, Nat.gas, Brown Baveri turbos Camera iconRFQ

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