Boyle Services Inc
701 W 41st St
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74107-7020

Contact: Michael Boyle
Tel: 918-446-3586
Fax: 918-446-1408
Email: boyleservices@yahoo.com
In the Surplus Record since 1994
Visit our Website: http://www.boyleservices.com
Boyle Services, Inc., offers a wide range of new and refurbished boilers,boiler parts and accessories, and boiler rentals.

30 HP Cleaver-Brooks, very clean, great Microbrewery boiler, gas, 15 psi, 1988 SpecSheetVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
30 HP Kewanee, gas, 150 psi steam, new Webster burner, 2000 SpecSheetCamera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
60 HP Lattner Scotch Marine, 150 psi, gas, VGC, 2000 SpecSheetPDFCamera iconRFQ
100 HP Boyle steam generator, 500 psi, gas, in 40' container or 53' semi, 2012 SpecSheetVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
100 HP Burnham, 15 psi/150 psi steam, gas/#2, full modulation/trim, brand new 2016 SpecSheetPDFCamera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
150 HP Burnham, Natural Gas/#2 oil, 150 psi steam, brand new, in stock, 2016 SpecSheetPDFCamera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ
200 HP Burnham, 250 psi steam, gas/#2, complete boiler room in semi trailer, 2016 SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
250 HP Hurst, 200 psi steam, gas, 2005 SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
250 HP Superior, 250 psi, gas, 2002 SpecSheetRFQ
500 HP Superior Seminole, 3 Pass Wetback, gas, 150 psi steam, 2002 SpecSheetPDFCamera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ

1380 PPH Vapor Modulatic, 40 HP, 900 psi, gas fired, 67 hrs total run time, feed tank, ' 93 SpecSheetPDFCamera iconVisit Dealer's Equipment ListingRFQ

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