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AirTec Systems, Inc. sales staff has over 50 years combined experience in the air cleaning industry. We are dedicated to uphold the highest level of business integrity for our customers. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you with your clean air needs.

Ametek #DR14DT 72MW, 25 HP, 110 IWG Camera iconRFQ
Gardner-Denver #853 ADG, appears never used, no motor Camera iconRFQ

5400 cfm @ 2" S.P., Cincinnati #HDBI-160, no motor Camera iconRFQ
17000-37000 cfm @ 10" S.P., Greenheck #BISW 36, new no motor Camera iconRFQ
Barry Blower Size 300 SWSI Camera iconRFQ
Twin City Fan Size 908, 809 Camera iconRFQ

DUST COLLECTORS (Also See Blowers & Fans)
3900 cfm Murphy-Rodgers #MRM-12, 15 HP, 4 drum discharge, shaker Camera iconRFQ
4000 cfm Torit #DFT2-8, 10 HP fan, 8 cartridges Camera iconRFQ
4500 cfm Air Sentry, cyclone, 10 HP, silencer Camera iconRFQ
4500 cfm Torit #ECB Booth, downdraft table Camera iconRFQ
4800 cfm Murphy-Rodgers #MRM-14, 20 HP, 4 drum discharge, shaker Camera iconRFQ
5000 cfm Clean Air America, 12 cartridge, 7.5 HP, Pulse Clean Camera iconRFQ
5120 cfm JBI, backdraft booth, 5 HP, 9 cartridges, Pulse Clean Camera iconRFQ
6000 cfm Aercology #MDV6000, mist collector, 5 HP Camera iconRFQ
8000-11500 cfm Donaldson Torit #44 Cyclone, 40 HP PDFCamera iconRFQ
13200 cfm RoboVent #DFM-29000-50, 30 HP, Filter Media: 12800 sq.ft., 50 cartridge Camera iconRFQ
15000 cfm Carter Day #72RJ96 Camera iconRFQ
15000 cfm Farr #30L, 30 cartridges Camera iconRFQ
16000 cfm Torit #TD6120, Pluse Clean, 32 cartidge, 7323 sq.ft. Media Camera iconRFQ
30000 cfm AirCure #484RF8, 4900 sq.ft. Media, 100 HP fan, 330 Aerovent Camera iconRFQ
Airflow Systems #V4, 7.5 HP, High Vac, 4 cartridges, portable, (2) available SpecSheetCamera iconRFQ
Mac, 42" Cyclone Camera iconRFQ
Powder Systems 28" Cyclone, has explosion vent Camera iconRFQ
Spencer Bag Separator #311941A & 313431A, High Vac round baghouse, (2) available Camera iconRFQ
Torit #AT3000 AT 3000 cartridge dust collectorRFQ

Davis #1, keyseater with tooling Camera iconRFQ

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