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45 Ton, Minster #P2-45-42, strght side, 2.5" str, 15.25" SH, 42" x25" BA, 300 SPM, A/C, '81/'99

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45 Ton, Minster #P2-45-42, strght side, 2.5" str, 15.25" SH, 42" x25" BA, 300 SPM, A/C, '81/'99
Remanufactured Minster P2-45-42 “Piece Maker” Eccentric Shaft Straight Side Press
New 1981/Remanufactured 1999
Press Masters Stock #100204P


Capacity: 45 Tons
Stroke: 2.50”
Slide Adjustment: 1.00"
Shut Height, on bed (SDAU): 15.25"
Area of Bed, R-L x F-B: 42.00" x 25.00"
Area of Bolster, R-L x F-B: 42.00" x 25.00"
Area of Slide, R-L x F-B: 42.00" x 15.00"
Opening in Bed, R-L x F-B: 36.50” x 10.00”
Window Opening: 12.00”
Distance Floor to Top of Bed: 36.00”
Distance between Gibs, to clear: 44.00”
Speed Range: 0 - 300 SPM
Motor HP/Speed Range: 10 – 1800
Incoming Voltage: 230VAC/60hz/3ph


High Tensile Cast Iron Frame
Frame is four piece Tie Rod construction
Minster Air Operated Clutch and Brake
Air Operated Flywheel Brake with electric Interlock
Pneumatic Counterbalance System
Manual Slide Adjustment
Eddy Current Drive
Helm Press Control
T Slotted Bolster Plate


• Disassemble Completely
• Steam Clean
• Clean Connections And Test With Die Penetrant For Flaws
• Clean Adj Screws And Test With Die Penetrant For Flaws
• Replace Main Bearings (Fit .001” clearance per inch of dia.)
• Replace Connection Brg (Fit .001” clearance/ inch of dia.)
• Refit Connections To Ram ( Refit Knuckles)
• Machine Ram & Gibs
• Scrape Ram & Gibs To Square & Parallel Condition
• Scrape Bed & Frame Flat & Square
• Supply New Bolster Plate
• Replace Flywheel Bearings
• Repair Air Clutch- Replace O Rings, Seals & Brake Springs
• Measure Frictions to Confirm Specs, Replace if Needed
• New Filter , Lubricator , Regulator And Lox Valve
• Replace Lubrication System
• Install New Lube Pump
• Repair Drive Motor
• Replace Drive Belts
• Disassemble, Clean & Inspect Ram Adjusting Mechanism
• Inspect C,balance Cylinders-Replace Packings & Seals
• Re-stress Tie Rods to Factory Specifications (.008” / ft)
• Replace Air Lines & Fittings
• Assemble And Adjust Machine
• Clean, Mask and Paint Machine To Customers Specs.
• Test Run And Debug
• Load For Shipment
• Vamco Quantum 6 High Speed Servo Feed

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