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10000 lb. Dynamic Space Saver, combo servo straightener feeder/reel/coil car, '03

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10000 lb. Dynamic Space Saver, combo servo straightener feeder/reel/coil car, '03

Coil width capacity: 23"
Max. stock thickness capacity @ full width: 0.157" (44,000 PSI)
Min. stock thickness capacity: 0.025” (44,000 PSI)
Number of Work Rolls:€ˆ7
Work Roll Diameter: 3.14”
Number of Pinch Rolls: 2
Pinch Roll Diameter: 3.14”
Total Number of Rolls: 9
Maximum Coil Weight: 10,000 lbs.
Pass Line Height: 47”
Maximum Coil OD:€ˆ63”
Minimum Coil ID:€ˆ18”
Maximum Coil ID: 21.5”
Line Direction: Left to Right
Incoming Voltage: 480VAC/60Hz/3ph


Rotary strip encoder monitors movement of the strip
Hydraulic release of all rolls for pilot release function
Remote pendant control for die threading and setup
Hydraulic powered pass-line adjustment
Press mounting tie-plate provided to assure feed alignment
Reel decoils by brake release and hydraulic drive start
Optical loop control modulates reel drive speed
The straightener head is bank adjustable
Lower work rolls geared, upper rolls idle
Direct gear drive to lower work rolls; gears in oil bath
All rolls are hardened 58/60 HRC
Hydraulic motors control work roll depth settings
Work roll depth indicated by digital readouts
Hydraulic head opens wide for easy threading of the coil
Hydraulic power is provided from unit in reel
Hydraulic mandrel expansion with wedge type mechanism
Hold Down arm on reel

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