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GRINDERS, INTERNAL (Also See CNC & Machinery & Equipment - Grinders, Internal)

Heald #273A Universal, 35" swing over bed, tooling 1982, #18725

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Heald #273A Universal, 35" swing over bed, tooling 1982, #18725

Red Head Spindle
Cross Sliding Workhead
Variable Speed Work Spindle
Standard Feed Box
Coolant Tank & Pump
4 Position Stop
Coolant Tank & Pump
14" Face Plate
20" Face Plate
Hydrostatic Ways
Hydraulic System
8 Quills


Swing Over Table: 20"
Swing Over Bed: 35"
Angular Adjustment of Workhead: 0-90deg.
Grinding Stroke: 16"
Center of Workhead Spindle to Floor: 43 1/2"
Distance Workhead Flange to Edge of Wheelside: 0-42"
Heald Redhead Speed: 6500rpm
Workhead Cross Slide Travel: 17 1/2", power or manual
Table Travel: 20" Max.
Wheelhead Cross Slide Travel: 1 1/2"
Table Speed Range: 0-18 FPM
Rapid Traverse of Table: 18 FPM
One Turn of Cross Feed Handwheel: 0.050" on Diameter
Cross Feed in Increments: 0.0001
Variable Workhead Speeds from: 50-500 RPM
Capacity of Workhead Spindle: 600 lbs @6" from Flange Face
Approx. Floor Space:108" x 91"
Approx. Weight: 6200lbs

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