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GEAR GENERATORS, For Bevel,Helical,Herringbone,Hypoid & Spiral Gears

Gleason #645, 29.35" rough & finisher, 1980, #17622

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Gleason #645, 29.35" rough & finisher, 1980, #17622

Variable Rate of Roll
Index Cams
Helical Motion
Variable Speed Cutter Drive
Hydraulic Work Clamping
Coolant System
Chip Conveyor
Splash Guard
Work Light
Change Gears
Electrical Drawings

Maximum Gear Diameter: 29.35"
Maximum Gear Face: 4.6"
Full Tooth Depth: 1.25"
Index Range Inclusive: 5-80
Cutter Speed: 19-171 RPM
Cutter Feeds Infinitely Variable: 7 sec. per tooth
Max. Workhead Setting Offset Above or Below Center: 4 1/2"
Maximum Diametral Pitch: 1.5
Diameter of Taper Hole at Large End: 6"
Diameter of Hole Through Spindle: 5"
Cutter Diameter: 9", 12", 16", 18"
Machine Center to Nose of Spindle: 23.5" max.
Max. Radial Setting: 10.50"
Approximate Overall Dimensions: 144" x 102" x 92" H
Approximate Weight: 38,000lbs

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