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PRESSES, PREFORM (TABLET) (Also See Presses, Powdered Metal)

IMA Comprima #300, rotary tablet press, Stainless Steel, 36 station turret, 5mm-16mm rnd.dia/5mm-17mm oblong, CIP nozzles, 2005, #42243

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One (1) used IMA Comprima 300 rotary tablet press, stainless steel product contact parts, 36 station turret, 5 mm - 16 mm round max tablet diameter, 5 mm - 17 mm oblong tablet size, with CIP nozzles, turret mounted in glove box isolator with dust collector with blower, deduster/metal check mounted in Comecer glovebox isolator, type IS, Deduster with Kramer tower deduster, Lock Met30  metal detector, serial# 24096-2, Comecer serial# 32152, with IMA CIP valve control station, control panel and operator interface panel, 400 volt, 3 phase, 60 hertz, IMA serial# 85083, system new 2005.