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ROTARY TABLES (Also See Rotary Tables, CNC)

17-3/4" Sip Societe Genevoise #P1-5, tilt, rotary, brand new

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17-3/4" Sip Societe Genevoise #P1-5, tilt, rotary, brand new
17-3/4" SIP Societe Genevoise No. PI-5, Tilt, Rotary, Brand New Stock number: 33830

Serial No. 1206
Type: PI 450mm

This is a Tilting Rotary Table with Worm-and-Wheel Gearing. This Unit Allows Boring of Holes and Milling Surface to be Accomplished at Compound Angles. Rotation Angles were Read within 1 Second of Arc with Tilt Angles to be set within 1 Minute of Arc on the Vernier of a Lateral Division Circle.

Working Surface Diameter 450mm (17-3/4")
Table Height (Horizontal Position) 400mm (15-3/4")
Height of Center - Swing (Vertical Position) 250mm (10")
Normal Permissible Load 60 kg (130 Lbs.)
Angular Positioning Accuracy - Rotation 6 Sec. of Arc 0.0016 degrees
Actual Weight 770 Lbs.

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