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20000 lb. Minster, Stock straightener/reel/coil car, 50" x 0.250" , 60- 1200 IPM

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20000 lb. Minster, Stock straightener/reel/coil car, 50" x 0.250" , 60- 1200 IPM

Coil weight capacity: 20,000 Lbs
Coil width capacity: 50"
Stock thickness capacity: 0.160" x 50" Wide (50,000 PSI)
Stock thickness capacity: 0.250" x 20" Wide (50,000 PSI)
Line speed: 60 - 1200 IPM
Expansion range: 20” - 24" Coil OD capacity: 72"
Line Direction: Right to Left
Incoming Voltage: 480VAC/60Hz/3ph

Minster Powered Straightener Model No MS40-50-7

Four pinch rolls x 6.28 dia rolls with air operated adjustment
Seven straightening rolls x 4.00" diameter
All straightening rolls are backed up yo prvent roll flex
Motorized upper straightening roll adjustments
Digital Roll Position Readout for upper straightening roll position
15 degree Inclined straightening head
End wheel is hydraulic powered
Stock peeler table
Stock end flattener
Eddy current drive with ultra-sonic loop control
Automatic lubrication system
Common operator's control console
Jog forward and reverse
Auto / Run Cycle
Emergency stop

Minster Coil Reel Model No MR-20-50S

Three leaf mandrel
Hydraulic mandrel expansion
Full set of coil keeper arms
Driven Hold Down Arm
Threading drive for jog forward and reverse
Air brake mounted on main spindle
Holding brake spring set, hydraulic release for fail safe when power is off
Remote pedestal operator stand for reel

Minster Traveling Coil Load Car Model No MCC-2-35

20,000 lbs lifting capacity
72" Maximum Coil OD
72” Maximum Coil Width
18" Lifting range
"V" Top coil carriage
Powered lift and travel
Narrow coil supports

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