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ROTARY TABLES (Also See Rotary Tables, CNC)

Tsudakoma #RNCM-501R, 500mm rotary table, 3000 RPM

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Tsudakoma #RNCM-501R, 500mm rotary table, 3000 RPM
(1) Used Tsudakoma Model RNCM-501R, 500mm Rotary Table

Version:                         R
Table Diameter:                   500 mm
Center Height:                         310 mm
Max. Motor Speed:                   3,000 RPM
Speed Ratin Ration:                   1:180
Max Table Speed:                   16.7 RPM
Clamp System:                         Hydraulic
Clamp Torque:                         1805 Ft-Lbs @ 500 PSI
Indexing Accuracy Arc:                   ±7.5 Sec
Repeatability Arc:                   ±2 Sec

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