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FLAME CUTTERS (Also See CNC Machinery & Equipment, Flame Cutters)

M.G. #TMC4518, CNC flame burning machine, A-B Series 9 CNC, U/P, 1996, #13223

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M.G. #TMC4518, CNC flame burning machine, A-B Series 9 CNC, U/P, 1996, #13223
PRICE: Loaded on Truck, Our Warehouse, York, PA €&bvrbar;€&bvrbar; $39,500.00

Stock # 13223
Serial # 4518-LP-96-3308 New 1997 Model # TMC 4518

Maximum Burning Size: 16' x 28'
(1) Plasma Torch
(1) CNC Beveling Head
(1) Scribe Head
(2) Oxy Fuel Heads
Burning Cap Plasma Head: 1-1/4" Thick
Beveling Head: 1"
Oxy Fuel Head: 6" (?)
16' x 28' Water Bath Table
Allen Bradley Series 9 CNC Control
(2) Hypertherm HT4001 Power Supplies
(1) Hypertherm Chiller, Model 501AC-B/039104
36' of Track that the Bridge Rides on Consisting of:
(6) 10' Long Sections & (2) 6' Long Sections
Hypertherm Arc Writer Power Supply
It will require 2 trucks. 1 standard flat bed and drop bed type.
Load #1: Must be tarped
These pieces are in York, PA, Main machine components:
This is the drop bed load, all of the following pieces can go on this truck with the proper loading sequence.
Bridge unit: 87" wide x 26' long x 124" high on 4" blocks x 10,000 Lbs.. See pictures # 13223T.jpg.
This item has a large open section underneath it where the long pieces and skidded pieces can set underneath it.
Skid with floor rails: 55" x 124" long x 26" high x 4100 lbs. See picture 13223T-4.jpg
(1) Hypertherm unit: 31" x 56" x 46" high x estimated 1000 lbs. See picture 13223T-3.jpg
(2) Hypertherm units: 34" x 49" x 48" high x estimated 2000 lbs. EACH see picture 13223T-6.jpg
(2) Floor track pieces22" wide x 202" long x 3" high x estimated 300 lbs. for both. See picture 13223T-5.jpg
(1) wire and hose track system 38" wide x 272" long x 18" high x estimated 750 lbs. See picture 13223T-2.jpg
Load #2: no tarp required
consist of a welded metal pan 16' x 28' x approx 36" high. This unit was cut into pieces to be able to be hauled on a legal flat bed load. Estimated total weight 10,000 to 15,000 Lbs.

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