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PRESSES, HYDRAULIC (Also See Presses, Laminating and Presses, Molding)

50 Ton, Dake hydraulic press, 16" ram travel, 2 HP, new

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50 Ton, Dake hydraulic press, 16" ram travel, 2 HP, new
Machine Type      H-frame hydraulic powered
Capacity      50-tons
Ram Travel      16 inches
Pressing Ram Speed      11 i.p.m.
Return Ram Speed      20 i.p.m.
Horse Power      2 HP
Hydraulic Pump      Combination power unit
Controls      On/Off switch with joystick hydraulic control
Oil Capacity      3 U.S. gallons approx.
Weight      1200 lbs
Overall Height      94 inches
Base Width      55 inches
Depth      36 inches
Width Between Uprights      44 inches
Width Between Table Channels      8 1/4 inches
Maximum Ram to Table      41 3/4 inches
Minimum Ram to Table      0 inches

Two forged steel table plates
Pressure Gauge
Lifting Chain

Made in the U.S.A.

110/220-volt single-phase motor makes for greater portability.

Welded steel frame for rigidity. Fully assembled.

Low operating pressures. Operating PSI 3537 at 50 ton.

Double acting cylinder, utilizes the pulling force to raise and lower the table via chains, eliminating the need for hoist assemblies.

Fast, quite, dependable, economical price, smooth operating press that is very simple to operate.

Heavy adjustable table can be set to a comfortable work height. Massive table pins keep table securely in place during the pressing operations.

Pressure preset and locked out at factory for maximum pressing, Safety relief valve

The motor is a powerful 2 HP power unit for study quiet oil flow.

4-Way valve with joystick control operation for easy one hand machine operation.

Rapid advance of the ram to the work piece, when contact is made the machine shifts into the pressing mode.

Two steel table plates

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