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100 Ton, Minster #P2-100-48, 4" str, 20" SH, 48" x 31" bed, 0-250 SPM, air clutch & drive

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Capacity: 100 Tons
Dia of Ecc. Shaft at Mains and Ecc.: 5.00” – 9.25”
Stroke: 4.00”Slide Adjustment: 4.00"
Shut Height, on bed (SDAU): 20.00"
Area of Bed, R-L x F-B: 48.00" x 31.00"
Area of Bolster, R-L x F-B: 48.00" x 31.00"
Area of Slide, R-L x F-B: 48.00" x 18.50"
Opening in Bed, R-L x F-B:41.00” x 15.00”
Window Opening: 16.00”
Distance Floor to Top of Bed: 36.00”
Distance between Gibs, to clear: 50.00”
Speed Range: 60 - 120 SPM
Motor HP/Speed Range: 20 – 1800
Actual Weight, Press Only: 28,200 pounds


Right Hand Drive with Extension on Left Hand side
Flywheel typewith three holes in hub for bumping
High Tensile Cast Iron FrameFrame is four piece Tie Rod construction
Minster Air Operated Clutch and Brake
Air Operated Flywheel Brake with electric Interlock
Arranged for Power Off Manual Bumping in Clutch
Integral Drip Troughs Cast in Bed
Pneumatic Counterbalance System
Long Barrel Manual Slide Adjustment Arranged for Detachable Electric Slide Adjusting Device
Minster Centralized Motor and Clutch Control
Minster Monitored Recirculating Lubrication System
Eddy Current drive

Note: All specifications contained herein are as the machine was originally manufactured and are subject to change at time of inspection.

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