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Citizen #M12 (2M3), 1/2" , gang/turret, 9-Axis, Iemca loader, HPC, 2000

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Citizen #M12 (2M3), 1/2" , gang/turret, 9-Axis, Iemca loader, HPC, 2000   Click for video
General Specifications As Per Brochure (Please Verify Details):

CNC Control: Mitsubishi (M6M)
Axes: X1, Y1, Z1, C1, X2, Z2, A2, Z3, C2

Machining Diameter: 1/2"
Machining Length per Chucking: 7 3/4" (200mm)
Drilling Diameter: 6mm Maximum Threading

Diameter (tap & die): M6
Main Spindle Speed: 200 - 12000 rpm
Main Spindle Indexing: Full C-Axis
Rotary Spindle on Gang Tool Post:
Drilling Diameter: 5mm (Tapping M4)
Spindle Speed: 200 - 8000 rpm
Rotary Spindle on Tool Turret Head:
Drilling Diameter: 5mm
Threading Diameter: M5
Spindle Speed: 200 - 6500 rpm
Chucking Diameter of Backwork Spindle: 1/2"
Backwork Length: 125mm
Drilling Diameter: 5mm
Threading Diameter: M5
Backwork Spindle Speed: 250 - 6000 rpm
Spindle Indexing: Full C-Axis
Number of Installable Tools:
Gang Tooling: 5 Turning, 3 Rotary
Turret Tooling: 10 Tools
Number of Turret Indexes: 10 sets (20 sets avail.)
Back Work Tool Post: 3
Tool Sizes:
Gang Tooling: 10mm x 10mm x 120mm
Turret Tooling: 10mm x 10mm x 60mm
Sleeve Size: 19.05mm diameter
Main Spindle Drive: 1.5/2.2kw
Power Supply: 6 kva
Dimensions (approx.): 97" x 49" x 68"h
Weight (approx.): 4840 lbs.

Equipped With:
Cincom CNC 9-Axis Control (6M6)
C-Axis on Main Spindle
C-Axis on Sub-Spindle
Iemca Genius 120 Magazine Bar Loader w/ 14mm channel
(S/N 0200430BA03 - New 2004)
(3) Live Tools on Gang-Tool w/ Y-axis
10 Position Turret with Live Tool Capability in all positions
Synchronous Rotary Guide Bushing
High Pressure Coolant System

Tri-Mist Mist Collector
Assorted Tooling
All Available Manuals with the machine

Thread Whirling Tool for Gang-tool, 3-tooth: $4500 w/ machine order

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