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100 Ton, WTC hydraulic wheel press, #6203

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100 Ton, WTC hydraulic wheel press, #6203
This high capacity press performs all operations including: disassembly,

assembly and bore sizing of crawler tractor rollers and idlers as well as

block and collar removal. The double-acting hydraulic cylinder allows work in

both extend and retract directions.

Available tooling includes pusher bars and optional ring and pin seal

installers and bore sizing disks. "J"-Hooks and lifting tongs are also

available to support rollers and idlers up to 4,000 lbs (1820 kg).

Main Cylinder Force: 75/68M Ton
Main Cylinder Stroke: 26 inches (330 mm)
Approach Speed: 55 IPM (1.4 m/min)
Return Speed: 68 IPM (1.7 m/min)

Main Motor: 20 Hp (14.9 kW)
Standard Voltages: Three Phase

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