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SAWS, BAND, HORIZONTAL (Also See Vertical Band Saws)

18" x 20" Hem, auto, 1-1/2" blade, 72" str barfeed, 10 HP, canted hd, PLC, bundle clamps, '97

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18" x 20" Hem, auto, 1-1/2" blade, 72" str barfeed, 10 HP, canted hd, PLC, bundle clamps, '97
MODEL F130HA-DC • YEAR: 1997
Stock No. 8879
Saw capacity:      
      Round:      18”
      Flat:      20”
Blade size:      1-1/2” x 19' x .050 thick
Blade speeds:      72 – 400 SFPM (infinitely variable speed drive)
Blade drive:      10 HP , 220/440 v, 3 ph, 1745 RPM,
ball bearing TFC
Barfeed:      0-72” stroke
Feed rate:      Adjustable 0-3”/sec
Hydraulics:      2 HP hydraulic system
Operator control:      Mounted in a swing away console
Cutting pressure:      Adjustable 0-800 lbs
Clamping pressure:      Adjustable 0-1,700 lbs

•Canted head design (2 degree)
•Operator control: Control mounted in a swing away console
•Blade guide system: Side and back guides are flat carbide inserts
•Power brush: Shaft driven brush removes chips from the blade
•Automatic shut off: Saw will automatically shut off if the blade breaks
•Wash down hose: A cutting fluid clean-up hose is provided for machine wash down
•Powered blade tension: Assures and maintains proper blade tension at all times during the cutting process
•Powered guide arm for adjusting the width of material
•Material jog: Permits incremental control of shuttle vise to aid in positioning of material for pre-marked cuts
•Chip auger: Removes chips from cutting area to easy-to-empty container.
•Discharge table: For easier material handling after the cut. The table is 24” in length. Table is welded on to machine base and is fully coolant panned to return coolant to the machine
•PLC Control

Equipped with:
•Optional 3rd Holding vise on feed: Assures positive alignment of material. Vise works in conjunction with main saw vise. Provides additional clamping surface and may be disconnected if not needed. Also permits the use of a pusher bar to reduce the remant end.
•Optional Full capacity down clamps: For vertical clamping of structural shapes and when entire “mill bundles” are to be cut
•Optional Outboard powered vise on discharge: Holds material on the discharge side of the blade for “back trimming” and keeps parts from closing during the cut. Provides an additional clamping surface; works in conjunction with main saw vise but can be disconnected. The use of this vise will decrease “burr” on the cut material.
•Optional 0-72” Stroke barfeed: In lieu of standard 0-24” stroke barfeed.