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2.75" Wagner Auto #WAS 90R/S, 14 HP, 26' bundle style sys, A-B SLC500 PLC control, #4158

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Cutting Range:
5/8"(15.8mm) - 2-3/4"(67mm) dia. Round solid stock
5/8"(15.8mm) - 2-3/8"(60mm) dia. Square stock

Cut-off length (min/max): 1.5"(38mm) / 40"(1000mm)
Blade: 11-1/4"(275mm) diameter x 1.26"(32mm) bore
Trim cut (automatic): 3/8"(9mm) - 3-1/2"(89mm)
Cutting speeds: Infinitely variable 115-520 fpm
Saw blade feed: Infinately variable 1-40 ipm
Rapid return: Approximately 1980 ipm
Saw motor: 14 Hp (10.5Kw)
Electrics: 460 volt, 3 phase
Approx. Machine dimensions: 350" long x 70" wide x 75" high
Approx. weight: 3200 lbs.

Equipped with:

26 ft.Bundle Style System is adaptable to material shapes - round, square or rectangular.
Allen Bradley SLC500 PLC Control
Variable frequency control for Blade speed
Bar Feed carriage, conveying speed is infinitely variable up to 130 feet per minute resulting in short idle times on long cut-offs.
Length gauge is hydraulically cushioned with fine adjustment within 0.004"
Remnant ends and trim cuts are sorted from good cuts by means of sorting gate at the cut-off side.
Unist Mist Lubrication System
Angular Chip conveyor