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2.75" Wagner #WAC 70, automatic carbide saw, 26' loading table, 2000, #4149

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2.75" Wagner #WAC 70, automatic carbide saw, 26' loading table, 2000, #4149   Click for video
Cutting Range:
1"(24mm) - 2-3/4"(67mm) dia. Round solid stock
1"(24mm) - 2-3/8"(60mm) dia. Square stock
2-3/4"(67mm) - 2-1/4"(57mm) dia. Flat stock

Cut-off length (min/max): 5/16"(7.9mm) / 12"(300mm)
Blade: 11-1/4"(275mm) diameter x 1.26"(32mm) bore
Trim cut (automatic): 3/8"(9mm) - 3-1/2"(89mm)
Cutting speeds: Infinitely variable 115-520 fpm
Saw blade feed: Infinately variable 1-40 ipm
Rapid return: Approximately 1980 ipm
Saw motor: 11.39 Hp (8.5Kw)
Electrics: 460 volt, 3 phase
Approx. Machine dimensions: 350" long x 70" wide x 75" high
Approx. weight: 3200 lbs.

Equipped with:

26 ft. Loading table with 30" storage depth is adaptable to material shapes - round, square or rectangular - by means of adjustable angle of inclination on the support rails.
Loading levers raise and orient various material shapes onto the roller in ready-to-cut position.
Bar Feed carriage, conveying speed is infinitely variable up to 130 feet per minute resulting in short idle times on long cut-offs.
Length gauge is hydraulically cushioned with fine adjustment within 0.004"
Remnant ends and trim cuts are sorted from good cuts by means of sorting gate at the cut-off side.
Recirculating flood coolant system
Angular Chip conveyor

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