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HP 1793 RPM ABB, AMB630L4WB8B, synchronous, 1.15 SF, SB, #3463

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 HP 1793 RPM ABB, AMB630L4WB8B, synchronous, 1.15 SF, SB, #3463
Stock Number: 3463
ABB AMB630L4WB8B Asynchronous Machine 5966kW

Manufacturer: ABB
Model: AMB630L4WB8B
Condition: used

Type: AMB630L4WB8B
Altitude/Ambient Temperature: <1000 Masl.
Driven Machine: Compressor
Electrical Design:
Rated Power/ Duty Type: 5966kW /S1
Service Factor: 1.15 (Class F)
Rated Voltage: 4160 V
Frequency: 60 Hz
Rated Speed: 1793 RPM
Rated Torque: 31774 Nm
Effeciency at 100% Load: 0.972 p.u
Effeciency at 75% Load: 0.974 p.u
Effeciency at 50% Load: 0.972 p.u
Power Factor at 100% Load: .89
Power Factor at 75% Load: .88
Power Factor at 50% Load: .83
Rated Current: 957 A
Breakdown Torque: 2.35 p.u
Locked Rotor Torque: 0.48 p.u
Locked Rotor Current: 5.80 p.u
Mechanical Design:
Mounting: IM1001
Enclosure: IPW24
Cooling/Type of Ventilation/ Tempertaure Rise: F/B
Inertia Rotor: 194 kgm2
Inertia Rotor: 885 kgm2
Locked Rotor Time At Un (Cold/Hot): 15s/13s
Starting Time at Un: 12s
Locked Rotor Time at 0.8 Un (Cold/Hot): 32s/28s
Min Starting Voltage/Starting Time: 0.8 pu/25s
Max Number of Starts: Cold/Hot: 2/1
Bearings: Sleeve

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