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BRAKES, PRESS (TONS) (Also See CNC Machinery & Equipment - Brakes, Press)

600 Ton, Cincinnati #H, 12' OA, perm flanged bed, bolt on ram flanges

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Pre Owned Cincinnati Model 600H X 8 Hydraulic Press Brake
Serial Number 36610

Capacity                                           600 TONS
Overall Length of Bed & Ram                              12′
Permanently Flanged Bed Area                         8′ X 36″
Distance Between Housings                              8′5 3/4″
Stroke                                                12″
Open Height                                          22″
Closed Height                                          14″
      Approach                                    125 IPM
      Fast Press                                    45 IPM
      Full Tonnage Press                              22 IPM
      Return                                     45 IPM
Throat Clearance                                    14″
Main Motor Horsepower                              50


Ram Machined For Angles
Factory Air Cushions in Center Of Bed
Ram Drilled for 18″ Angles
Bolt On Angle Brackets Totaling 8′ X 36″

Approximate Overall Weight                          75000

Approximate Overall Dimensions                   198″ W X 86″ D X 141″ Tall