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REACTORS & KETTLES (Also See Autoclaves)

100 gal. Pfaudler, Stainless Steel reactor, 9015 glass, 32" diameter x 25" straight side, 100 psi & FV @ +350/-150°F int, agit, NB 47353, 1993, #41778

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Used 100 gallon Pfaudler stainless steel glass lined reactor, 316 stainless steel construction glass lined vessel, 32" diameter x 25" straight side, dish bottom, flat bolt on top, 2.75" thick top, rated 100 psi and full vacuum at  350/-150 f internal, jacketed for 100 psi at  350/-150 f, 2.5 DTW Pfaudler agitator drive, two tier agitator with lower paddle and top 4 blade agitator, 4015 glass, stainless steel sheathing over jacket, 3 stainless steel legs, serial# R193-0447, national board# 47353, Built 1993.