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Metso Holo-Flite #S2420-6-DED, cooler jacketed thermal processor, unused, 2010, #11513

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Metso Holo-Flite #S2420-6-DED, cooler jacketed thermal processor, unused, 2010, #11513
Metso Minerals Holo-flite S2420-6-ded Cooler Jacketed Thermal Processor Unused!
S/n C.000369-01-1. Mfg. Date: 2010. Mild Steel Sa 516 Grade 70 Material Contact Parts. 24" Screw X 20' Long Is Rated For 150 Psi @ 650 f. 6" Pitch On Screws. Mixing Lugs Are Welded To Face Flight (3) Lugs Per Pitch For Entire Screw Length. Jacket Is Rated For 30 Psi @ 650 f. Trough Jacket Includes Insulation Angle Clips. 10 Hp Toshiba Motor, 1775 Rpm, 460 Volt, 254tc Frame. Sumitomo In-line Gear Reducer, 195:1 Ratio. Direct Drive. Structural Steel Supports - One At Each End Of The Holo-flite For An Inclination Of 10 With The Material Dishcarge End Upward. Designed For Liquid Coolant Heat Transfer Medium. Designed To Cool Granular Organic Solids (45 Pcf) From 185 f Down To 77 f At A Rate Of 8,000 Lbs/hour. 253 Square Ft. Of Screw Area. 96 Square Ft Of Jacket Area. Trough Volume = 40 Cubic Ft. 132 Gallons Of Screw Fluid Volume. 58 Gallons Of Jacket Fluid Volume. 3" Kadant Rotary Joint. Screw Speed = 5.7 Rpm. 23.1 Minutes Residence Time. Cover Includes (2) 12"x20" Raised Inspection Covers, 20-7/8"x25" Inlet. 12"x20" Outlet.