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1227 sq.ft. Denver Holo-Flite #Q2424-6-DED, processor dryer, 316 SS, 1994, #05862

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1227 sq.ft. Denver Holo-Flite #Q2424-6-DED, processor dryer, 316 SS, 1994, #05862
Denver Holo-flite Processor Dryer Mdl Q2424-6-ded Used
S/n-196042-002e, Built In 1994. 316 Stainless Steel. 1227 Square Feet Of Heat Transfer Area. Screws: Four Screws Each 24 Inch Diameter X 24 Feet Long , 6 Inch Pitch. Flight Thickess Is 5/16" Front And Back. Twin Pad Construction. One Mixing Lug Per Flight The Full Length All Screws. Asme Design And Code Stamped For 175 Psig At 650 f. Trough: One Trough To Fit Four Screws. Trough Is Jacketed And Code Stamped For 175 Psig At 650 f. Interior Shall Have A 2b Finish And Welds Ground Smooth. Insulation Spikes For 3" Insulation ( By Others) Only On Trough. Internals Of Trough And Vapor Dome Designed For 3 Psig And 30" W.c. Vacuum. Vapor Dome: With Vapor Outlet Of 42" I.d X 46" O.d X 1/2" Thick. 48 Holes 1/2" On Collector Designed To Support 1500 Lbs And Two Inspection Ports. Constructed Of 316l Stainless Steel. Stiffening Bars On Outside Of Vapor Dome. Several Nozzles For Temperature, Steam Snuffing, Etc.
Drive: Sumitomo Gearmotor, M3265/19-b, 493:1 Ratio, 228,000 In-lb Output Rating Motor Be A 6 Pole 1200 Rpm, Tefc, 3'230/460 /60 Hz Nema Design B With Winding Thermostat Add For Chemical Duty. Coupling Is 1150 T 10 Falk Steel Flex. Speed Indicator And Soleplate For Under Gearmotor Only.
Manual & Drawings On File.
Note: A Loading Charge Will Be Charged In Addition To The Sell Price.

On September 1, 2009 This Equipment Was Stored In A Building That Was Destroyed By Fire. The Current Advertised Photos And Pricing Of This Equipment Will Be Revised Once A Thorough Evaluation Of The Condition Of The Equipment Is Determined. Overall Dimensions: 86" Wide X 37'-5" Long (including Drive) X 78" High

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