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American Newlong #3CM-PDSLVR, automatic bagging machine, 1680 BPH, 1994, #05055

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American Newlong #3CM-PDSLVR, automatic bagging machine, 1680 BPH, 1994, #05055
American Newlong Automatic Bagging Machine
Model 3cm-pdslvr. P.o. # Oca-6/94, Mfg # 94747, Capacity 1680 Bags Per Hour. Manufactured June 1994. Manual On File. This Fully Automated Double Spout Packaging System Represents The Most Advanced And Highest Throughput In-line Packaging Solution Available. An Operator Simply Fills Multiple Bag Magazines With Approximately 400 Bags And Pushes The Start Button On The Touch Screen. This Machine, As With All American Newlong Automated Packaging Systems, Maintains Bag Control Throughout The Entire Packaging And Bag Closing Process. This Concept Affords A High Degree Of Successful Filling And Closing. By Utilizing Servo Technology, This System Is Able To Maintain Years Of Production At A Consistency Level Unmatched By Any Other Machine In Its Class. The Following Information Was Extracted From The American Newlong Manual Provided With This Machine: The Machine Consists Of: Automatic Bag Feeder: Consisting Of A Bag Stack Magazine, A Bag Pick Up Sucker, A Bag Feed Roller And A Bag Aligner. The Bag Stack Magazine Is Of An Easy 2 X 2 Construction And Loads Bags On The Blocks. A Block Has A Capacity Of Loading About 100 Empty Bags. ( Depending On The Bag Thickness). When The Front Block Becomes Empty, The Block In The Next Line Is Forwarded And Stops At Predetermined Fixed Position. The Bag Sucker: Takes Bags, One By One, From The Top Of The Front Block And Delivers Them To The Feed Roller. Vacuum Switch Ensures That The Bag Pick Up Is Executed Completely Before Delivery Into The Roller. The Feed Roller Receives The Bag And Delivers Them To A Bag Aligner Plate Below. Bag Take-out Device: Picks Up The Bag To The Vertical Position From The Aligner Plate While Holding Bag Top Part By A Set Of Vacuum Cups. The Bag Is Then Placed Between The Bag Mouth Opening Vacuum Sucker Set Waiting For Next Motion. Opening, Pressing And Traversing Device: The Opening Sucker Holding The Bag From Its Both Sides Moves Toward Below The Filling Chute. The Opening Motion Takes Place Simultaneously With The Clamp Access Motion As The Bag Reaches Beneath The Filling Chute, After It Is Clamped. In The Meantime, While Empty Bag Is Transferred, The Previously Filled Bag Is Also Pressed At The Same Time And Conveyed To The Bagging Conveyor For The Bag Closing Operation. Bag Clamp And Expanding Hopper: This Hopper Receives Bag At Its Filling End Transferred From The Bag Magazine Through Take-out Device, Etc, And The Clamping Device Holds Bag's Both Ends, Then Opens The Mouth Through Clamp Access Of Moving Inside Each Other From Both Sides. Thus The Bag Top Mouth Is Opened, The Discharge Gate Which Is Provided At The End Of The Weigher, Opens Automatically With Expanding Bag Mouth Outward. While Product Is Being Filled, The Bag Bottom Is Tapped To Help Fill And Stabilizing The Bag In Place. After The Bag Has Been Filled Up, The Expanding Hopper Closes Automatically, The Clamping Devices Moving Apart To Close The Bag Mouth Under Tensioning And Aligning Them Stretching. Bag Top Forming And Bag Traversing Device: The Bag Clamped And Expanded Top Area Is Pressed By Provided Press-barset From Both Sides And Formed. At This Time, The Bottom Tapping Plate Rises To The Same Level Of Bagging Conveyor Belt In Order To Support The Bag Bottom. The Press-bar Unit Moves With The Filled Bag And Releases It After Inserting The Bag Mouth Into The Insert Guide Belt Unit. The Press-bar Unit Is Equipped With A Bag-body Holding Plate To Help Travel Of The Filled Bags. Bag In-feed: Chain Drive Unit Forwards A Filled Bag To Bag Closing Device, In This Case A Heat Sealer Machine Single Pinch Sealer Model Pbc-8w-s2, Described Later. Main Belt Conveyor: When Filled Bags Travel Through Each Device, It Conveys Bags At A Constant Speed While Keeping The Bags In The Correct Position. While Filling, The Bag Bottom Tapper Is Acutated And Helps Filling. Air Piping: Air Cylinders Are Used To Provide Movement For Each Process. The Compressed Air Is Supplied After Clean Of Dirt Through A Provided Filter And The Pressure Is Reduced To A Predetermindd Valve, Which Is Fed To Each Air Cylineer Through Solenoid Valves. Vacuum System: Vacuum System Works On Bag Sucker, Bag Holder, Bag Pick-up, Bag Opening Operation. Compressed Air Vacuum Venturi Pumps Supply The Necessary Amount Of Vacuum To Vacuum Suckers Through Solenoid Valves And Filters. Single Pinch Bag Sealer, Model Pbc-8w-s2: This Machine Has Been Developed For Sealing The Specific Pinch Type Bag (double Pinch Bag) Developed For Perfect Closure Of The Bag Containing The Product Apt To Be Easily Spoiled By Moisture. The Machine First Heat-seals The Innermost Layer Of Polyethylene Film Automatically, Then Applies Hot Air To The Bag Top Flap, Reactivating The Pre-applied Hot Melt Adhesive, And Finally Folds And Presses The Bag Top For A Firm And Perfect Closing. The Pbc-w Is A Double Pinch Unit. This Machine Utilizes A Hot Air Pre-heat Station, A Series Of Heater Bars (# Of Bar Sets Dependent On Required Dwell Time), And A Compression Wheel To Fuse An Inner Seal Of A Multi-wall Paper Bag With A Poly Liner. This Model Also Utilizes A Creasing Wheel To Define A Consistent Fold Line And A Hot Air Manifold To Activate The Pre-applied Hot Melt Adhesive. The Bag Top Folding Section Will Complete The Fold And Transfer The Bag To A Non-stick Compression Belt Section. The End Result Is A Well Fused Inner Seal Supported By A High Strength Fold Over Seal. The Temperature Is Easily Adjusted And Monitored For Best Results. The Air Intake Is Regulated And Digitally Monitored For Correct Pressure. An Alarm Will Be Activated If Either The Heat Or The Air Is Out Of Range And The Sealer Will Automatically Shut Down To Avoid Machine Damage Or Bad Seals. The Bag Carrier Chain Is Supported By Fixed And Spring Loaded Chain Guides. This Design Prevents Bag Tops From Slipping And Or Shifting During The Sealing Process.

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