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SAWS, BAND, HORIZONTAL (Also See Vertical Band Saws)

19" x 18" Cosen #MH-460, horizonal band saw, mitering, 10" round, 19" x18" rectangular

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19" x 18" Cosen #MH-460, horizonal band saw, mitering, 10" round, 19" x18" rectangular
Maximum Cutting Capacity for Round: 90° - 10", 45°
- 9", 30° - 4.3"

Maximum Cutting Capacity for Square: 90° - 9" x 9",
45° - 9" x 9", 30° - 4.3" x 4.3"

Maximum Cutting Capacity for Rectangle: 90° H x W
- 9" x 18.1", 45° H x W - 9" x 9", 30° H x W - 9"
x 4.3"

Blade Speed: 95, 150, 213, 321 fpm
Blade Size: 1" x 11.5' x .035" (
27mm x 3505mm x 0.9mm)
Guides are Tungsten Carbide

Motor: Saw Blade 2HP
Motor: Coolant 1/8 HP

Weight: 1,320 lbs.
Power: 230V, 3 ph, 60 Hz
Shipping Dimensions: 48" x 76" x 45"
Floor Space (L x W x H): 55" x 74.8" x 66.9"


Machine Structure & Design:
* Heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder plus precision
ground hinge support and guide the rugged saw frame
through the entire cutting cycle. Special wear
resistant DU bushing is used to ensure durability
and long use life.
* Specially designed heavy-duty cast iron swivel
center features straight and miter cuts from 90 to
30 deg (backwards) with quick setting and precise
positioning. It enables smooth turning of the saw
frame for each angle viable via the large
easy-to-read mitering scale. Turn Table for material
support swivels automatically at miter adjustment.
* Large rugged base with built-in coolant & hydraulic
systems offers both sound stability & all-in-one

Blade Drive:
* A 2 hp motor, heavy-duty reducer, and variable
step drive assembly with excellent mechanical design
feature the essentials for production cutting.
* The 4-speed transmission is equipped with the best
worm gear speed reducer. The worm shaft is hardened
and ground. Together, they provide quiet, powerful,
and trouble-free drive.

Blade Guidance & Lubrication System:
* Carbide blade guides with roller bearings
pre-align the blade before entering carbide blade
guides. This feature reduces wear on blade guides
and blade, thus enhancing blade life.
* The rigid guide arms are mounted on an extra wide
precision ground dovetail slide for more solid and
supportive surface. This rigid design owes to use of
superior cast-iron which greatly reduces vibration
and achieves better cutting result.
* Two additional guides located on a central axis
support the blade from the top, giving it extra
penetrating force. The carbide guides are relieved
to allow coolant flow to lubricate and cool the
blade as well as work piece.
* Integral coolant system.
* Blade brush to remove chips from blade gullet.

Control & Automation:
* Down feed rate & cutting pressure control. The
feed rate may be adjusted by setting the dial
between 0 and 10 via the hydraulic down feed valve.
The vast range of adjustment allows proper setting
which results in longer blade life, shorter cutting
times, and better finishes.
* The control panel is clearly arranged and
conveniently located on front of the machine,
eliminating the need for the operator to reach
over a moving blade.

Material Clamping & Feeding:
* Cast iron vises with replaceable extension plate
* Secure clamping via a dependable manual lead screw
system with anti-slip hand wheel.

* Conduits protect all exposed electric wiring and
hydraulic circuits.
* Alert orange for blade guards and access doors

Standard Accessories:
* Easy blade change with front access at waist level
* Adjustable material stop
* Bi-metal saw blade
* Operation & parts manual

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