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GEAR SHAPERS (Also See Gear Cutters)

Fellows #10-2, variable speed, 10" dia, 2" face, 1977

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Fellows #10-2, variable speed, 10" dia, 2" face, 1977
Fellows 10-2 High Production Gear Shaper

Serial No. 35276 Age: 1977

Maximum Pitch Diameter, External & Internal 10"
Maximum Diametrical Pitch: Spur 4
Maximum Diametrical Pitch: Helical 5
Maximum Face Width 2"
Maximum Helix Angle (using 5" Cutter) 45°
Maximum OD of Fixture 19"
Spindle Stroking Speeds (Variable) 350-900 RPM
Face Plate to Spindle Housing 10"
Feed per Stroke .001" - .040"
Number of Cuts per Cycle 1 - 3
Approximate Weight 12,000 lbs

Equipped With:
Motor Driven With 7.5/3.75 HP, 2-Speed, 3 Phase, 60 Cycle, AC Volt Spindle Drive. Independent DC Rotary Drive For Feeds. 5 HP Hydraulics. MD Coolant. MD Lubrication. Complete Electrical Controls. Capacity For Cutting Internal Or External Spur Or Helical Gears And Many Non-Involute Shapes. Built-In Crowning Ability. Variable Speed Infeed For Better Finish And Extended Cutter Tool Life. Cuts And Infeed Rates Are Set By Potentiometers. Infinitely Variable Depth Control. Digital Display For Setting Stroking Speeds For Rough And Finish Cuts. Fellows Pick-O-Matic Part Loading/Unloading System. Variable Speed Stroking. Rapid Work Rotation. Automatic Braking. 1, 2,3 Cut Cycles. Automatic Fixture Clamping. Coolant.

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