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Cincinnati Lamb #HPC-630ZS, 1030x 850x 560mm, 630 x 630 pallet, 50 HP, 2004

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Cincinnati Lamb #HPC-630ZS, 1030x 850x 560mm, 630 x 630 pallet, 50 HP, 2004
Horizontal CNC Machining Center
Travel Ranges:
X-Axis Stroke/Over-Travel Per Side: 1030mm/20mm
Y-Axis Stroke/Over-Travel Per Side: 850mm/50mm
Z-Axis Stroke/Over-Travel Per Side: 560mm/50mm
Linear Drives:
(Diameter/pitch/critical speed (Fixed-supported)
X-Axis: 63mm/20mm/2900rpm
Y-Axis: 50mm/20mm/2800rpm
Z-Axis: 40mm/15mm/4300rpm
Maximum Slide Thrust (All Axes): 10,000 N
Drives: Feedback(optional): Heidenhain Linear Scale W/ /-5 pm accuracy
Slide Response:
Maximum Rapid Rate: 45m/min
X-Axis: 0.7 G, Y-Axis: 1 G, Z-Axis: 1 G
Machine Accuracy And Alignments (As New):
Vertical Straightness (maximum): 0.01mm
Horizontal Straightness (maximum): 0.01mm
Pitch and Yaw (maximum):
X-Axis: 5.2 arcsec
Y-Axis: 14.4 arcsec
Z-Axis: 20.0 arcsec
Roll (maximum):
X-Axis: 4.7 arcsec
Y-Axis: 7.5 arcsec
Z-Axis: 14.4 arcsec
Squareness Between Linear Axes (maximum):
X-Axis: 6 arcsec
Y-Axis: 6 arcsec
Z-Axis: 7 arcsec
Squareness of Rotary Axis: 10 arcsec
Spindle Alignment to Linear Axes: 10 arcsec
Equiped with the following:
Rexroth Indramat System 200
630 x 630 Twin Pallet
Hydraulic Work Clamping
Pneumatic Part Seat Recognition
Coolant Flush Gun
Flood Coolant
HSK 100
8,000 RPM Spindle Speed
50 HP Motor
HPC-50 Bar Thru Spindle
Dual Y-Axis
60 ATC
Heidenhein Scales
Artis Tool Management
Excellent Condition - New in 2004
(23) units available

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